Tip: 2 Tactical Strength & Conditioning Exercises

Whether you're a fighter, a strength athlete, or a law enforcement officer, these two moves will build real-world strength.


1. Kettlebell Inverted Row

If you're all show and no go, then you have no business trying this. Stick to the basics and do your inverted rows using rings or a bar.

If, however, you're training to be an elite fighter, for man-handling sports such as rugby, or for tactical strength and conditioning, then grab a kettlebell and try this.

All you'll need is the strap from your Olympic rings or even a long daisy chain. Attach that to your pull-up bar, then hang your kettlebell from it. A larger kettlebell will be the hardest to grip, while a smaller one will be easier to start with.

2. Grappler's Inverted Row

The hanging kettlebell method can be used to challenge your grip and forearms one side at a time while also working your entire back and posterior chain.

Pick the size of kettlebell that feels best and works your grip the right way. Row yourself up with some power, allowing your hips to help out a little. Have your other arm free and return your elbow to the floor.

Or you can even add some form of dumbbell, kettlebell, or band press on this side for a combined pull-push motion. For tactical strength and conditioning and grappling sports, these beat the basic inverted rows.

Gareth Sapstead is a leading strength and physique coach from the UK. He specializes in problem solving and breakthrough training techniques.

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