Killer Instinct

The Passion of It All


I've never fit in anywhere. Actually, I never really think about it. As a result, I usually leave a wake of mayhem and controversy wherever I go. So the same thing will probably happen with Testosterone. I don't go looking for trouble, but there's this thing inside me that drives me to go after the things I really want, with little regard to the potential damage. Sometimes I lose; sometimes I win. Either way, I have the time of my life. I make a plan and I execute it.

Egging me on to publish Testosterone is a group of guys TC Luoma and Charles Poliquin among them who made the decision early on in life to devote our energies to the sciences of muscle building. In essence, our world is the strength and bodybuilding business, and being the oddball, independent thinkers we are, we're not going to stand idly by and watch the hardcore scene get castrated.

Where can you get real bodybuilding information these days anyway? That's what we've been asking ourselves for the last year or so. An even better question is: Are there any hardcore bodybuilders left out there who want it? Maybe that's why the articles seemed to just vanish nobody's interested.

I mean, where are the guys who are into bodybuilding because they can't stop ever! The guys who aren't really interested in competing, they just want to get huge. And if they were the only ones left on the planet, they'd still be in the gym, pumpin' actin and myosin filaments like they're deriving some great erotic pleasure from the pain. Where are you guys???

I bet there are a whole bunch of you true hardcore fans out there who really want to hear what we've got to say.

When it comes right down to it, we're just like you muscle heads. We too are after bigger, stronger, all-out buffed bodies; we really want to know what the absolute best training protocols are; which supplements work and which ones don't. We're driven to search out the best new physique-enhancing approach, then test it, theorize about it, apply it, and write about it. Whether it's a training innovation, or the newest supplement development, we want to be the first to find it.

It's just that none of the muscle mags are putting out the good stuff anymore. Or if they are, it's not much, and certainly not often. Haven't you noticed it takes about five minutes to read through most of the current magazines? You skim through each new issue several times hoping, that somehow, the articles that once turned you on would magically reappear.

That's the reason we're publishing Testosterone...Muscle With Attitude; there's so much real-intense stuff happening now-a-days that we're bustin' to get the news out to the way or another.

First we're doing, Testosterone, the web-site; then some day, grow into Testosterone, the magazine.

Our goal is to create controversy, to cut through lies and the incredibly thick and distasteful veneer of marketing. We want to be consumer watch dogs. We don't want to worry about who we're going to hack off and what kind of nasty faxes we'll get. We want to create the kinds of supplements we'd want to use and give to the professional and non-professional athletes alike who trust us. If you choose to buy them, great. If not, that's okay too. We'll get some satisfaction in knowing that we've helped loosen the choke hold some of the "big boys" have on the supplement industry.

We'll talk about training like it's meant to be; we'll discuss supplements (if something's good, we'll tell you about it if something's bad, we'll scream about it); we'll talk about steroids (we think it's stupid not to legalize them); but most of all, we'll have fun.

Feels kinda good being the predators.