Five wins by TKO, four wins by submission, three wins by decision... and a single loss to Matt Hughes by armbar in his first title fight. It's that last one that haunts Spike athlete Georges "Rush" St-Pierre.

But on November 18th he'll get a chance to avenge his only loss and capture the UFC welterweight title. T-Nation caught up with Georges during the final stages of his training camp in New York.

T-Nation: You've got about two weeks to go until the fight. Tell us where you are mentally and physically in your preparation.

Georges St-Pierre:

T-Nation: If you think back two years ago to the last time you fought Matt Hughes, where would you say you are now as compared to then?

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T-Nation: Being seven years younger than Matt Hughes, do you feel like your youth is an advantage for you?

T-Nation: Can you give T-Nation a little insight into your training techniques and methodologies?


T-Nation: Is the groin injury completely healed?

T-Nation: You've had more than seven months in between fights. Do you feel that's an advantage for you as well?

T-Nation: For people who didn't see your most recent fight against BJ Penn, take us back to that fight and explain how you battled through it.

T-Nation: Have you watched that fight on video and are you amazed at how much you were bleeding in the first round?

T-Nation: With all that blood and the fact that you couldn't see, was that the most fear you've ever felt in the ring?


T-Nation: And then after the fight, you kicked your cornerman's ass, right?

T-Nation: When it's time for you to leave the locker room and head out to the octagon to fight Matt Hughes, what's going to be going through your head? What do you do to get fired up for a fight?

T-Nation: What's the last thing you'll do before you enter the ring?

T-Nation: You had a pretty rough childhood in Quebec. Tell us about where you grew up and some of the scars, literally, that you have from growing up there.

T-Nation: Is this in the suburbs or is this in Montreal?

T-Nation: Did they pick on just you or did they pick on everybody?


T-Nation: How did you get the big scar on your calf?

T-Nation: Between the fighting you did as a kid and later being a bouncer at bars in Montreal, does any of that come into play when you're in the ring, or is it pure MMA technique?

T-Nation: On your career path, do you feel like you're in your prime as an MMA fighter or is there still more to learn for you?

T-Nation: Where did your athleticism come from?

T-Nation: During the recent Ultimate Fighter TV show, you and Matt Hughes didn't exactly get along very well together. Will you bring any of that into the ring on November 18th?


Matt Hughes

T-Nation: So you're just going to get in the octagon and let your actions do the talking for you?

T-Nation: We've got a big party planned for you after the fight in Sacramento. Good luck in the fight. All of T-Nation will be rooting for you!