We're not supposed to talk about this because it might sound "gay" or unmanly, but it's actually quite the opposite: bodybuilding for your butt.

No, we're not talking about posterior chain work to increase athletic performance. We're talking about pure glute training to make that sucker rounder, firmer, and (dare we say it?) sexier.

You see, many scientist-types believe that a muscular male butt is a breeding signal, much like other secondary sex characteristics. In other words, when women see a powerful set of glutes on a male, they can't help but get sexually aroused because this triggers an innate urge to breed. Muscular male glutes exude a sense of overall health and thrusting power. (Wink-wink, jab-jab.)

Last time we checked, ain't nothing "unmanly" about making women need a fresh pair of panties when you reach down for the broccoli at the grocery store.

So, want a quick way to build your butt? Use Coach Charles Poliquin's glute tri-set. Poliquin originally developed this killer routine for his alpine skiers (the glutes really come into play when taking compressions and turns), but it works great for bodybuilding purposes, too.

Here's the tri-set:

A) Full squats x 6 reps


Rest 10 seconds, then...

B) Lunges x 12 per leg


Rest 10 seconds, then...

C) Dumbbell deadlifts x 25

Dumbbell deadlifts

We've found two ways to incorporate this into your leg training:

1) Perform one set of this tri-set, then do an abbreviated version of your usual leg workout.

2) Perform three sets of the tri-set and call it a day. Seriously, your lower body training is done after three sets of this bad boy.

Now, go train that breeding signal, stud.