What happens when a bodybuilder and a nutrition store owner get together and make a baby? What happens when this baby is raised on health foods? What happens when she starts training with weights at age 14?

Answer: You get real-life Supergirl, Gina Aliotti.

You probably recognize Gina as one of our Biotest Superheroes. At the tender age of 22, Gina is a phenom in the figure world. With her exotic looks and perfect level of muscularity, Gina is already making waves in her sport. And you know what? She's just getting started.

Recently, Testosterone had the chance to sit down with Miss Aliotti and talk shop. Here's what she had to say!

Testosterone:How'd you first get involved in fitness and figure, Gina? What's your background?


T: How did you go from softball jock to figure competitor?


T: What are your stats right now?

T: You're currently attending San Diego State University and going after a degree in nutrition. Now, most girls get to college and gain at least 15 pounds of flab. You went to college and started preparing for the Olympia. How the heck do you balance college and elite-level contest prep?


T: Looking at most figure and fitness pros, it seems that most of them don't really hit their peak until about age 30. So you're practically a "baby" when it comes to this stuff! Is that an advantage or a disadvantage at this stage?

T: You're certainly an inspiration here on Testosteroone! Now, you recently trained with Testosterone bodybuilding coach, Christian Thibaudeau. How was that? What did you learn?

T: Give us a peek into your usual lifting schedule. What's a typical week in the gym look like for you?


T: How about cardio?

T: Let's talk nutrition. What does your diet look like?


T: Speaking of supplements, what are you using now? What has your experience been like with Biotest so far?


T: Good to hear! In closing, what would you say is the biggest benefit of living this kind of lifestyle? What have you learned?


T: Thanks for the chat, Gina. Where can Testosterone readers go to learn more about you and your upcoming events?