The deadlift: It's mean, it's brutal, and it's powerfully effective at building strength, muscle, and testicular fortitude. But believe it or not, the deadlift can get even tougher and more effective.

Coach Charles Poliquin calls it the platform snatch-grip deadlift. We call it one of the most challenging exercises this side of the Mississippi. Or the other side.

Coach Poliquin says that this is his number one go-to exercise when he needs to get an athlete muscled up fast. The idea here is to get a large range of motion by standing on a four-inch platform and using the wide snatch-grip.

If you think about it, this is the opposite of the sumo deadlift, which shortens the range of motion. Likewise, some powerlifters will lift in ballet shoes to shorten the ROM. What we want to do here is lengthen it, making the whole body work harder. The snatch grip and platform will take care of that.

Hellacious exercise, heavenly results in size and strength. Give it a shot!