Blitzkrieg Triple Dumbbell Press

Exercise of the Week


We first learned of this brutal chest training method from
Charles Poliquin, but it's been Christian Thibaudeau who
popularized it.

The methodology is simple: simply attack the chest,
Blitzkrieg-style, from three different angles in rapid succession
with no rest.

While there's some overlap regarding which muscle fibers
are stimulated, that's academic and inconsequential.

The bottom line is that it exposes nearly all the muscle fibers
in the chest to a high degree of stress, and it keeps them under
stress for a lot longer than a conventional set of 6 or

The short-term result is an extremely satisfying pump, while the
long-term result is extremely satisfying growth.

It does, however, hurt.

This drill is just a combination of three

• High incline dumbbell press

• Low incline dumbbell press

• Flat dumbbell press

High Incline

Low Incline


The only trick is that you do them as one set with the same

• You first perform high incline dumbbell presses until you
reach muscle failure.

• Then you rapidly adjust the bench to a low incline and
continue to perform reps until failure.

• You once again adjust the bench, this time a flat bench
position, and still continue to perform more reps.

This is one set. Two or three such sets per workout is more than
enough for most people.

Furthermore, Christian recommends that you refrain from using
this method too frequently, as it's really stressful on the

Keep in mind that you can perform the same drill using dumbbell
flyes instead of presses.

In fact, to really "Blitzkrieg" your chest, do 3 sets
of each of the two variations, followed by a set of gasping and