Home Gym Equipment: The 5 Upgrades You Need

Gear Up and Work Out at Home

Home Gym Equipment

Home Gym Equipment, Upgraded

Looking for home gym equipment? You'll want a solid rack and a bench, a good barbell, and a pile of plates. But then what? Here are five ways to level up your garage gym or spare-room sweat sanctuary.

Indoor Tire Flipping Machine

Does your wife get upset when you squish her Pomeranian with your tractor tire? Then get your strongman-style workout with this beastly contraption. Okay, it's not quite the same thing, but it's a fantastic tool for metabolic conditioning.

The starting weight is 125 pounds, and it's plate-loadable up to 185. Rubber stoppers keep things relatively quiet, and the dual battle-rope anchor points make it versatile. Available on Amazon here.

Tank M1 Sled

Training sleds are awesome and versatile, whether you're pushing or pulling heavy for strength or going light for cardio. The problem has always been twofold: you need the right surface, and you'll eventually need a mountain of weight plates.

The Tank M1 solves both issues. First, it has wheels, so any surface will work. Second, it has built-in resistance in the form of a mag-force variable resistance brake. That just means the harder you push it, the "heavier" it gets. Check it out on Amazon here.

Assault Fitness AirRunner

The AirRunner burns up to 30% more calories than a motorized treadmill. Yep, this one doesn't have a motor or use electricity. YOU are the energy source. Designed with HIIT in mind, this self-powered treadmill allows you to change speed at will, no button-mashing. Get all the details on Amazon here.

XMark Olympic Hex Bar

If your gym doesn't have a trap/hex bar, then your gym kinda sucks. You can buy one for $75 (and hate it), or you can buy this beast.

The XMark bar has angled, elevated plate holders, so it's easy to load and unload, but the eye-catching feature is the handle design. The revolving tri-grip handles allow you to use a regular, fat, or really fat grip. Bonus: Shock-resistant rubber feet protect your flooring. Order one from Amazon here.

Wreck Bag XT

It's the sandbag without the sand. These tough bags are mess-free and pre-filled with non-toxic rubber beads, which makes them shock absorbent and stable. This newer version features six ergonomically designed and strategically placed handles for versatility. Available in weights from 15 to 50 pounds (nonadjustable). Grab one from Amazon here.

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