Tip: The 6-12-25 Method for Big Arms

Build bigger biceps, triceps, or anything else with this simple, brutal method.


Bring up your lagging muscles with giant sets that target agonist muscle groups. As a reminder, giant sets are where you do three exercises in a row for the same muscle using minimal rest between the movements.

But let's add a twist by using the 6-12-25 format. Here's how it looks:

  • First Exercise: Use a heavier weight for 6 reps for submaximal strength.
  • Second Exercise: Use a moderate weight for 12 reps for hypertrophy.
  • Third Exercise: Use a lighter weight for 25 reps for strength-endurance.

Yep, you're covering all the bases, and you'll trigger a huge amount of metabolic stress. Here are two incredibly effective giant sets for the arms.

Triceps Specialization

A1. Close-Grip Bench Press: 6 reps. Rest 10 seconds.

A2. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press: 12 reps. Rest 10 seconds.

A3. Banded Pushdown: 25 reps.

Rest 3 minutes and start over. Repeat the whole thing for 2-3 more rounds.

Biceps Specialization

A1. Strict Chin-Up: 6 reps. Rest 10 seconds.

A2. Supinated-Grip Inverted Row: 12 reps. Rest 10 seconds.

A3. Banded Curl: 25 reps.

Rest 3 minutes and start over. Repeat 2-3 more times.

Note the band exercise for the third lift. The variable resistance of a band (tension increases through the ROM instead of being constant) is a better fit when we consider the fatigue that's already been set in motion from the first two exercises.

Using a band variation will account for the high level of fatigue and make the final exercise more realistic. Bands are also a great fit for high-volume exercises.


Use this method for no more than four weeks, progressing from 3 sets on each movement on the first week and 4 sets on the second, respectively. After that, you could apply new exercise variations.