A training program doesn't have to be complicated to work. In fact, sometimes the most simplistic routines can be the most exhaustive and result-producing. Take the old school 100-rep program guys like Arnold once used to "shock" their muscles into new growth. Just pick a good compound exercise and knock out 100 reps. Simple, huh? Sure, but it's not easy.

The catch is that you load up the bar with your regular training weight. Maybe it takes you seven sets to reach 100 reps, maybe it takes you fifteen. Doesn't matter, as long as you hit 100 reps. Arnold sometimes used this method with chin-ups. His goal was to reach 100 reps regardless of how many sets it took.

We've tweaked this classic approach to training and come up with what we call the 100/100 routine. This is a chest and back program but you can apply a variation of it to any opposing muscle groups: quads and hams, biceps and triceps, etc. It's simple; after a warm-up and an adequate stretching session, you're going to perform only two exercises for the whole workout: the bench press and the chin-up. Your goal is to get 100 reps of each.

To do this you'll first load up the bar with a weight you can bench press for about 15 reps. Do one set and rest for two to three minutes. Now head to the chin-up bar and get as many bodyweight chins as possible. Rest again and then it's back to the bench. Continue this process in superset fashion until you get 100 reps of each exercise.


Two muscle groups, two exercises, 200 reps in all. Simple? Yep. Effective? Yep. Tough? You betcha! Give it a shot.