Tip: For Mass, Drink Your Food

This pro needs 350g of protein and 1100g of carbs per day to pack on the mass. You do not, but you can adopt his diet strategy.

Drink Your Food

If you're trying to build muscle, then you're going to need extra calories. What's more, you're going to need quality calories at the right time to maximize gains. The solution? Drink your food, and drink it at the right time. Here's why:

Workout Nutrition

What you consume around workouts is the most important nutrition of your day, whether you're trying to gain muscle or lose fat. Around workouts, you want to consume what you can absorb easiest and fastest. That's why solid food isn't generally ideal.

So if you're trying to build muscle, then about 60-90 minutes before training have 1-2 scoops of Metabolic Drive® Protein. I combine that with 8-10 egg whites, a half to one full cup of oats or rice powder, one tablespoon cashew butter, and some berries.

Adjust this protein shake (and the amount of stuff you put into it) according to your goal. Throw it all into a blender with some ice and you got yourself a pre-workout meal that takes about a minute to make and another two minutes to drink and you're ready to rock.

During your workout, consider your next meal Plazma™. What rock have you been living under if you're not using it in your training? Nothing even comes close. Then have Mag-10® about 15-30 minutes post session. Get your workout nutrition in with the best timing and best absorption you can ask for.

Have a Protein Shake

Liquid meals keep you from skipping meals or eating something worse. On a busy day it's easy to just pull out the blender and have a protein shake. A handy shake can prevent you from getting fast food or skipping a meal. If you skip a meal then come home from work famished, you may be tempted to overeat the worst things. So a fast protein shake is like "physique insurance."

It's easier to get more calories in if you need to. When I tried to get the biggest I could be, I had to eat 8 meals a day to reach my macronutrient goals. Just the thought of eating more rice or potatoes would make me nauseated. Who wants to eat super-clean 8 times a day anyway? Shakes are what saved me.

I'd have 8 scoops of Plazma™ during training sessions (and even just throughout the day) to keep getting more quality carbs and protein in. This allowed me to be consistent with 800-1100 grams of carbs a day and 350 grams of protein for most of my gaining season. For someone who doesn't like to eat a ton, it was priceless. And I grow better on liquid food than solid food.

Now, I'm a professional bodybuilder and powerlifter, so of course you won't need that much. Adjust as needed, but keep the general idea in mind: For convenience and to ensure the right amount of quality nutrients for mass gains, drink a few meals every day.

Amit Sapir was born in Israel but he was raised on T Nation. He's been a member since T Nation launched in 1998. Amit has gone from knowledge hungry teenager, to soldier, to qualifier for the 2004 Olympic Games in weightlifting, to IFBB pro bodybuilder. That's why we're glad to have him on the Biotest training team. He's the real deal. Follow Amit Sapir on Facebook