Questions and Answers About Spike

Energy, intensity, concentration, drive, power, confidence, even euphoria!

Those are just some of the descriptive nouns people have used when talking about the effects of Biotest's Spike®!

Never have T-Nation members been so excited or so curious about a supplement, and never have they come up with more ways to use a supplement. As such, they've got a lot of questions, many of which we've compiled below. So, if you're thinking about ordering Spike®, or you've already bought it and are just exploring different ways to use it, read on!

Q: What is Spike®?

A: Spike® is a potent mind and body stimulant. More specifically, it's a designer nervous system optimizer/maximizer. Think mental clarity. Think mood elevation. Think crisp clean energy with no jitters!

Q: How closely does the euphoria/mental clarity of Spike® resemble that of an amphetamine?

A: Spike® is as clean a "burn" as amphetamine, but it's a little different. It provides a very similar mood elevation and mental clarity effect. Unlike amphetamine, however, Spike® doesn't have a brittle dosing threshold, so you can't get into crazy land, where euphoria actually becomes pathological.

Spike® isn't addictive, it's non-receptor mediated (so is amphetamine, by the way), and it won't induce mental pathologies. Amphetamine will lose its effects over time, requiring ever-increasing doses to achieve the same stimulus–Spike® will not.

All in all, Spike® is very close, but waaaay safer – and legal!

Q: When I use ephedrine or Power Drive® I can lift more weight. How does Spike® compare in that department?

A: It's our belief that Spike® exceeds the performance effects of ephedrine and Power Drive® stacked.

Q: How long will the effects of Spike® last?

A: Depending upon your body's system, the effects of Spike® will last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours.

Q: Will Spike® replace Biotest's Power Drive®?

A: No. Power Drive® is in no way a stimulant; it's a mix of neurotransmitters that prime the pump, so to speak, for neural facilitation.

Consider Spike® a designer nervous-system optimizer/maximizer. It's beyond stimulation. Spike®'s effects are elegant and highly specific–no jitters and yet jet fuel for brain/muscle function.

Q: Are any of the ingredients in Spike® illegal in Canada?

A: It seems like everything beyond vitamins is illegal in Canada. It's frustrating and completely unpredictable, and out of our control what Canada allows in. However many customers have received their Spike® with no problems.

"Today was my second 'Spike® day'. Good thing too because I gave a seminar all day. I can honestly say that I was on fire!!! Man, this stuff is good indeed. A nice weapon to add to one's arsenal!" Christian Thibaudeau

Q: Can Spike® and Power Drive® be used together?

A: Taking Spike® with Power Drive® (at the same time) will blunt the effects of Spike®. If you want to use them together, take Spike® four hours earlier. However, we recommend that you take Spike® by itself for a week to really get a handle on its effects. Afterward, if you want to experiment, then add in Power Drive®.

Q: Can Hot-Rox® Extreme be used with Spike®?

A: We wouldn't recommend that, but if one had a great tolerance for stimulants, take Spike® early in the morning and Hot-Rox® Extreme in the afternoon–no more than TWO capsules each.

Q: Is anything in Spike® banned by the NCAA or other sporting bodies? In other words, if an athlete takes it are they risking a positive test?

A: We can't see any way it would cause someone to fail any drug test.

Q: I drink coffee in the morning and work out at night. How would Spike® react to the caffeine in coffee, and can they be used within the same day?

A: If you were to load up on coffee (caffeinated beverage), I'd wait four hours before taking Spike®–and vise versa.

Q: What about taking it with an androgen (e.g. 4-AD-EC)?

A: It's the sweeeeetest ride you'll find. We promise.

Q: How much of the 350 mg is thiamine disulfide diisobutyrate and how much is caffeine?

A: The vast majority is T-MAX. Caffeine is all but insignificant.

Q: I take it that Spike® and Power Drive® can be compared to MAG-10® and 4-AD-EC. In other words, Spike® and MAG-10 are more powerful than Power Drive® and 4-AD-EC. Is this somewhat accurate?

A: Very good comparison. Yes, Spike® is the "MAG-10" of the brain-candy/neural-power world.

Q: The instructions say use continuously; does this mean to get maximum results I should use Spike® on non-workout days, if so how much?

A: For first-time users, we recommend using Spike® continuously for at least a week so that you can experience its full impact. After that, you can tweak it any way you deem appropriate.

"This stuff is awesome. I've taken it before my last four workouts, and each time I take it, my intensity levels and focus are at a peak. I've never used a mind/body booster with such power, especially without feeling jittery." Chad Waterbury

Q: How does this compare to Power Drive® as a nootropic? Does it facilitate memory retention/recall, or does it produce any measurable gains on intelligence tests?

A: As a study aid, it should be as effective as amphetamine or methylphenidate.

Q: Would I feel the "crash" after such an application (as I often do after sucking down coffee for the same reason)?

A: Absolutely zero crash or withdrawal.

Q: Would it prevent me from feeling burnt out after long training sessions?

A: It will greatly ameliorate the haggard feeling after grueling mental and physical activities.

Q: Will I feel somewhat "addicted" or withdrawn if I stop taking it for awhile?

A: The only addiction is psychological. In other words, if you really enjoy Spike®, and it greatly benefits your performance, the "normal" you seems a little inadequate in comparison to the "Spike®d" you. There's no physical (actual) addiction whatsoever.

Q: I'm someone who's been diagnosed with ADHD. I've found Hot-Rox® Extreme to be extremely useful as a focus aid. Will Spike® have any beneficial effects in this regard?

A: We've gotten reports from customers with ADHD who took Spike® and were able to skip their meds.

Q: Will I have to cycle Spike®?

A: The reality is, Spike® actually works better the longer you use it. There are no receptors to down-regulate and therefore no systemic down-regulation. Like we said before, nootropic agents often work this way.

So, you won't have to cycle Spike®, and it will actually work better the 100th time you use it. You may have to find your ideal dose range, and that might take a few days of tweaking, but after that, you're good to go.

"I get up this morning and skip the coffee. I take two capsules of Spike® and start answering email. Now, I stayed up until 1AM last night working. I slept a little longer this morning, but not a lot. And remember that I'm on a low carb liquid diet, something that can leave some people feeling mentally and physically sluggish.

"In about 10-15 minutes, I started to feel the Spike®. First it was what I can only describe as a "crisp mental hum," a very clean stimulant buzz. Right now it's a few hours later and I'm FLYING!! This is the purest stimulant high I've ever had. Clean and perfect.

" My brain is functioning at 110%. I'm juggling multiple tasks with ease. I have a general "bring it on!" attitude. Mood is great! Physically I'm feeling really good. No jitters. I'm dying to get to the gym but am waiting on my training partner. Come on, man! I need iron!" Chris Shugart

Q: Should Spike® be taken on a full or empty stomach?

A: Taking Spike® on an empty stomach is best. Food WILL NOT affect total absorption, but it will slow it down. You can, however, eat 20 minutes after your Spike® dose without slowing down the hit.

When taking Spike® after eating, wait two hours for large meals and one hour for small meals.

Q: Is Spike® nano-dispersed?

A: Yes. The beauty of our Nano-Dispersed technology is that all of the loaded compounds get pulled into the body's system, regardless of what else is gong on in the GI tract. But, as I said, a full stomach will slow things down a bit.

Q: Is it safe for women?

A: Yes, as long as you're not pregnant or breast-feeding.

Q: Will Spike® cause problems with sleeping?

A: Not as long as you take it early on in the day.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

A: You have 90 days to request a refund minus shipping costs.

Q: How many capsules should I take?

A: Most people find two capsules to be optimal. However, many prefer only one and a rare few will prefer three. New Spike® users should take one capsule the first day to evaluate how it affects them. Never take more than three capsules! Regardless of dosing, Spike® is intended to be taken only once per day.

Q: What will happen if I exceed the label's dosing recommendations?

A: You'll probably get a headache. There's no need for anyone to take more than the maximum recommended amount.

Q: If one elected to have a beer or two on Saturday night (modest amount of alcohol), would there be any interaction issues with Spike®?

A: We have no reason to think there would be any interaction.

"The feeling you get from Spike® is very unique and discernable. The "hum" is like nothing I've felt before, and I could still feel it 8 hours down the road when my workout began.

"Training went great. I added weight to a couple of different lifts. And even though it wasn't on the workout plan, I decided to hit some chin-ups AFTER the leg work, chest work, back work, shoulder work, arm work and ab work! Right now I'm sitting here wondering if I should go for another cardio session. Heck, I think I will!" Chris Shugart

Q: I have low tolerance to stimulants so I cut a capsule in half and took that to start out. Besides a sudden 20-30 second rush, I feel really good now. Is it all right to start off in this way?

A: We don't recommend cutting into a Spike® capsule and consuming a portion of the contents. You cannot be precise with the dosage, and the contents need to be delivered intact into the stomach for the best effect.

If you're sensitive to stimulants and want to try Spike®, begin by taking one capsule with a meal. If you can tolerate that, the next day take one capsule on an empty stomach.

Q: One thing I have noticed about Spike® is a definite improvement in verbal recall. Words just seem to flow easier. I imagine that is a positive sign of things to come?

A: Enhanced verbal skills, from taking a substance is a clear indication that cognition is ratcheting up. You might also notice:

  • Being able to speak better/faster
  • Improved word recall
  • Being in command of an intense conversation to the point of surprising oneself, etc.

Enhancing verbal "intelligence" is one of the incredibly cool things Spike® does for its users. This will also have a positive effect on those who are suffering from social phobias, which is a huge problem that affects millions of people.

Sound good? We thought so.

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