"Fix dysfunctional fat cells so they work correctly... check.

"Maximize glucose and nutrient uptake in muscle... check.

"Release fat-cell contents and begin burning up the freed fatty acids... check.

"Prevent nutrient storage in fat cells... check.

"Okay, now what? What am I supposed to feel or notice?"

Many of you are thinking these very thoughts. So I have to ask, what exactly do you expect from taking Indigo-3G®? More importantly, how do you intend on measuring these effects in and on your body? Simply put, what are your honest expectations from Indigo-3G®?

You better figure it out now, bubba – before you start on the program – or you very well could miss out on the very best physique gains of your life. Indigo-3G® could very well change your life from this point forward – change the way you handle carbs, change the way you don't store body fat, and change the way you gain muscle. And I'm absolutely certain you don't want to miss out on that.

Based on the overwhelming comments from the introductory article, it's easy to see that most of you are beyond enthusiastic about the potential of Indigo-3G®. Keep all of that excitement, but now it's time to channel that energy into highly productive behaviors. In other words, I want to move you into action mode – setting goals and planning training and dietary guidelines. But first and foremost, you need to assess your current body and physique condition.

To do that, I want you to strip down to your skivvies in front of the mirror – do it! Be brutally objective about what you see, too. And don't forget to check out that backside of yours. This might be the first time in a long time that many of you have looked back there, and it could possibly be a bit, shall I say, traumatizing.

Anyway, when you've finished with the body-scan, no matter what you've seen, be totally honest with yourself and embrace whatever physique challenges lie between where you are now and where you ultimately want to be.

Just know that we want everyone who takes Indigo-3G® to fully experience all of its incredible power, and we're totally committed to helping you manage the process along the way. It begins here and now. Christian Thibaudeau, Chris Shugart, Dr Z, and others (me included) are here ready to coach everyone who's part of the first group to receive a supply.

Powerful Effects and Real Expectations

Here's a fact: dramatic physique changes can't come overnight. Heck, they can't even come quickly, especially if you want them to last. Christian and I work with the gifted elite, and even these physique champions have to work brutally hard over time (just like you and me) to make impressive gains.

So don't expect to take Indigo-3G® tonight and wake up tomorrow morning transformed into the new you. You'll eventually get that new-you image; it's just going to take some honest hard work and a little time to get there. So be patient and watch the process become a whole lot easier and consistent with Indigo-3G®.

So, what does selective nutrient repartitioning feel like, anyway?

That might appear to be a silly question, but it does have merit. The repartitioning effect might result in physiological functions and tissue changes that are easily "felt" in some users but not in others. We've seen both. Some users are aware of changes going on in their bodies – like dramatic muscle pumps, seemingly limitless energy levels while training, and amplified metabolic heat – while others aren't as perceptive at noticing much in the way of "feel."

My best advice is to avoid putting much stock into the way you feel and focus on the things you can measure.

The Indigo-3G® Experience

Indigo-3G - What to Expect

Your current physiology and body composition will determine what types of effects you experience. But regardless of your condition, everyone should take Indigo-3G® a week to 10 days before evaluating the effects. That's the "break-in" period (the first 10 days). Beyond that is when things begin to really take shape.

So far, all of our subjects have experienced significant effects, like overall improved body composition, pronounced muscle fullness, increased rate of strength gains, universal carb tolerance, and being resistant to gaining fat. Many users have gone so far as to say, "I now know what it's like to be one of the lucky ones who can eat 'normally' and not get fat. I no longer have to worry about eating 'perfectly' to see my abs."

Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  1. Indigo-3G® is a "selective nutrient repartitioning agent." In everyday terms, this means it repartitions nutrients so that what you eat turns into muscle and not fat. So, if you don't consume an ample supply of nutrients, especially peri-workout nutrition, you'll diminish the effects. Think about it. How can you repartition something you don't consume?
  2. Carbs are going to help the process, especially during the workout period. So begin increasing intake by adding more carbs to your workout drink. As a starting guideline, consume a minimum of 100 grams of carbs during the training period.

    Note to Low-Carb Dieters: If you're currently following a low-carb diet, your muscles will typically feel and appear flat, which is normal for a low-carb diet. This "flatness" is due to low intramuscular pressure, which is associated with a catabolic (muscle wasting) state. Keeping muscle bellies nice and full means that you're not losing muscle mass and well on the way to building some. So use this information to motivate yourself to consume more carbs.

  3. Don't have great expectations of "feeling" anything from Indigo-3G®. Some users do, but not everyone. If there's a trend, I'd have to say that users with above-average muscle mass notice more "feel effects." They report being physically "hot" and "feeling anabolic" and that muscles being worked are "tingly" and pumped to the point of substantially affecting movement. Even at rest, the muscles of Indigo-3G® users can feel and appear fuller and semi-pumped, especially when taking in ample amounts of proper quality nutrients.
  4. Within a few days, muscle pumps for all users – even those following low-carb diets – should come much more quickly and easily, be noticeably larger (even to others in the gym), and last longer after the workout is completed.
  5. During the first three days, due to fat cells disgorging water, you might find yourself visiting the bathroom frequently, ridding yourself of a lot of excess water. So keep that in mind when planning your day's activities.
  6. Some users, maybe even most, will notice changes within the first 5 days. All users to date have noticed effects within the first week to 10 days. Some have reported substantial fat loss in the first 10 days, as well. Others have reported a steady loss of body fat over several weeks.
  7. Due to enhanced glucose management, most users notice what many describe as "limitless energy to do more in the gym." And they also report improved recovery rates. As an extreme example of this, Christian Thibaudeau recently had a monster training day where he performed a total of 258 sets (this is not a typo) spread over 3 sessions, followed by another two workouts the very next day. That's FIVE hardcore-to-the-bone workouts over two days, with no recovery problems. Granted, he included Anaconda, Mag-10, and Surge Workout Fuel in every training session. Even so, Indigo-3G® potentiated the overall effects to a whole new level.
  8. Strength increases should come faster and more often. In fact, some reported having to recheck the plates on the bar after a set, thinking they forgot to add weight between sets.
  9. Improvement in overall leanness most often will be steady over time. On the other hand, most users who have above average muscle mass and train often (5 or 6 days a week) will experience a more rapid fat loss.
  10. Some users will initially see no change in overall bodyweight, but notice that they're getting leaner and more muscular. We've observed this weight homeostasis effect when doing Dexa scans on subjects, so don't let the number on the scales negatively influence your judgment.
  11. Oh, one more thing. There's a purple-poopy issue that some of you might experience that you need to be aware of, so you won't be startled when you do your usual pre-flush scatological examination. Let me assure you that at the recommended doses, you're getting plenty of the active C3G material into your bloodstream for maximum effects. Still, it's impossible to get 100% of the compound into your body and some of it will come out in "the end." C3G is, by nature, a dark-indigo color and any little bit not absorbed will show up in the pot. It's totally harmless, so don't worry about it if it happens to you. Think of it as a conversation starter...

    Indigo-3G® First-Time User's Dosing Protocol


    The protocol we want everyone using is the one we believe will yield the greatest effects and accomplish all users' objectives. We'll get into other programs later, but for now we want everyone using the first-time user's protocol:

    Dosing Instructions

    Take 4-6 capsules once per day on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to your largest meal. On workout days, take 4-6 capsules 30 minutes prior to starting workout nutrition. Ideal workout nutrition is Plazma™ consumed throughout the training period.

    You'll want to be on this program for at least 6 weeks. Most of you will probably want to stay on longer. Eventually, you'll switch to once-per-day dosing, which we'll cover later.

    Now, go take your first dose of Indigo-3G®, and let's get rolling...