Christian Thibaudeau never wants to go a day without it.

I'm talking about Indigo-3G™ – and we're not the only ones who are that impressed with its effects. I'll get to that in just a little bit, but first, I want you to know the key factor in maximizing the effects, which has everything to do with why we're all so excited.

Read the following very carefully and really get my point. Only a fortunate few will have access to this very scarce super-supplement. And I want to make absolutely sure that every user experiences the same kinds of shocking effects you're going to read about later in this article.


Follow the Dosing Protocol... to the Letter!

This should be no big revelation, but just like all other supplements and performance enhancers, Indigo-3G™ has a specific dosing protocol that works incredibly well. So well, in fact, that we have yet to see any failed cases. In fact, we worked hard on determining the correct dosing strategy long before introducing Indigo-3G™ to consumers.

The consensus among all involved with the research was that if we could just get consumers to use Indigo-3G exactly like we were using it – the protocol we found that has the maximum effect on all users – then everyone would become fanatics, just like we are. In other words, it's all about following our dosing plan, to the letter.

But how could we get all users to comply with our researched dosing protocol? Going a step further, how could we help everyone with all of the diet and training adaptations that arise when adding something new to their programs?


Shocking Indigo Project Results

The only acceptable conclusion was releasing the first batch of Indigo-3G to a group of informed, serious consumers who'd be willing to work closely with the Indigo Project coaches. Even though we had a huge demand, we only had enough supplies on hand for 80 participants to go through a 40-day program. So we handpicked 80 people, mostly Biotest Level 4s and 5s, to be our first Indigo-3G™ consumers.

We only chose individuals who we believed would be compliant and highly interactive in the Indigo Project Training Lab and provide great Livespill feedback. We made sure that we had a good mix of people as well, which included competitive bodybuilders, athletes, executives, students, and regular working Joes.

Collectively, we called this group Team 1 of the Indigo Project. What you're going to read next are not my words, but the words of some of the Team 1 members – who were highly motivated and unwaveringly compliant with our coaching directives. In other words, they did things right.

Team 1 has been a dream to work with. Everyone in this group has my full respect. Because of them, without a doubt, this has been by far the most exciting supplement launch I've ever been a part of. Just keep in mind that none of these individuals works for Biotest or T NATION. The group also had to purchase their supplies of Indigo-3G,™ as well as all of their peri-workout nutrition.

Anyway, when Chris Shugart interviewed some of the members, they were all very excited to talk about their Indigo-3G™ experiences, and no one had anything unfavorable to say. In fact, believe it or not, these are just a few of the many glowing comments we've gotten:

"As a competing bodybuilder, I'm totally shocked with the effects of Indigo-3G."

I used Indigo-3G in the four weeks between two of my bodybuilding shows, and I have to tell you that I'm totally shocked with the results. In the four weeks between shows, not only have I gotten tighter and bigger, I now have striations I've never seen before.

As a natural competitor – and almost 40! – that's simply not supposed to happen in four weeks between shows.

Not only that, I won the last contest!

– The Mighty Stu

"It's like being genetically gifted."

I'm now at the heaviest I've ever been, but I'm actually looking leaner with each passing week! The last time that I looked this lean I was on a strict diet and much lighter. I can tell a big increase in my work capacity as well. I can push my training to new levels, but my body seems to want more.

I now get what it's like to be genetically gifted.

– Barachiel

"He's F'n huge!"

I've lost 2 inches off of my waist and 2 inches off of my butt, and I'm looking a lot bigger. Even other people are commenting on the differences they're seeing in my body.

One of the powerlifters at my gym walked by while I was doing military presses and asked if he could borrow my arms for his bench press.

The next day, I was at a local festival with my daughter. Some guy from her high school saw us and texted her, "Is that your dad you're with?" She replied, "Yeah." He replied back, "He's F'n huge!"

I may not be huge relative to the rest of T-Nation, but for a 45-year-old, those comments can make your day.

– 8thMan

"I'm adding weight on every set."

After being on Indigo-3G for several weeks, I'm getting so strong so quickly that I have to check every day to make sure that I'm putting 45's on the bar and not 35's. I'm adding more weight on every set and can't put enough weight on the bar. And I'm getting leaner, too!

I didn't expect results to be this sudden. I expected it to happen slowly over a few weeks, but I felt results within the first week. And I've never been able to lose body fat and increase strength at the same time.

People who've seen my results are commenting on the changes and asking where to get Indigo-3G.

– andrew_live

"Amazing pumps, like I'm going to explode!"

I had my neighbor come up out of the blue, squeeze my arms, and ask me about training. And she's never done that before.

The pumps I'm getting are amazing. I felt like I was going to explode. I've also noticed a great increase in work capacity, and find myself wanting to stay in the gym longer and longer to the point where I have to force myself to leave.

– ashylarryku

"I'm seeing my love handles disappearing!"

When I first started taking Indigo-3G, I was a little cautious about increasing carbs. But after seeing my love handles and lower-back fat disappearing, I'm excited to keep going with more carbs. In fact, I'm now eating as many carbs as when I was in high school.

Today at the gym I weighed 197. I haven't been under 200 in a long time. My lifts and strength are all up and energy is high. People at work have noticed something big time, too. And I had a guy at the gym ask if I was doing something different because my shirt "looked smaller."

– bbone32

"Indigo-3G has exceeded my expectations."

I've always looked at supplements as providing a slight edge, but this one has just been fantastic. I was hoping for a small improvement, but have seen much more than that. I even get random comments from people, asking what I'm on and if it's legal.

– Bcurtis1

"I now run out of time before I run out of energy."

My wife says that I look bigger and more defined – chiseled! I'm 5 pounds heavier and look as lean as I ever have. I have so much work capacity during training that I run out of time before I run out of energy. Regarding carb tolerance, even at 300 grams per day I'm having no problems at all.

– Bigiron77

"The pumps are out of this world."

I've been on Indigo-3G for several weeks. The other day I took off my shirt and looked like I was on a cycle of steroids.

– bodz

"I don't ever want to go a day without Indigo-3G."

As a former user, Indigo-3G is the closest thing I've found to an anabolic steroid. This is the stuff. I can't believe I am literally treating it like my "stash" of anabolics back in the day. Really, this is the ONLY supplement I've ever valued this highly.

Want to know what it feels like to be on anabolics? Using Indigo-3G is probably the closest you can get from using a supplement. It's not exactly the same, but it's pretty close. Equally impressive is the fact that Indigo-3G is also very healthy for you, and something you should take daily to maintain good health.

– buffd_samurai

"I believe Indigo-3G is the best supplement I've ever used."

I've never been able to eat carbs without gaining weight and adding inches to my waist size. Now, that's no longer true. With Indigo-3G, I'm eating carbs while watching inches drop off my waist! I can see a lot more definition in my shoulders, too. My bodyweight's the same, but I'm a whole lot leaner.

I also have a lot more energy in the gym now that I'm using Indigo-3G. It's not my imagination, either – other people are taking notice. The trainer at my gym is just amazed. He can't believe that I'm able to add more exercises to my workouts. I used to run out of energy before I finished my workout; now I train until I run out of time.

Indigo-3G has given me a whole new outlook on life.

– bwbski

"I've never seen anything work like this."

Indigo-3G is amazing! If I could buy stock in the company, I'd put half of my life savings into it. Even my wife sees a big difference in my physique. In fact, she's complimented me more times this week than the previous 15 years combined.

– chushin

"John Romaniello commented that I look bigger and leaner, and John doesn't even know that I'm on Indigo-3G!"

With Indigo-3G, my body is now handling higher carbs and calories the way I've always wished that it could, and my muscle and strength gains are the best I've ever seen.

I couldn't be happier.

– citydawg926

"My waist is getting smaller while I'm gaining overall size."

Even someone that I see on a daily basis asked me if I'm gaining muscle. And after seeing some recent pictures, my sister said, "Holy s***, your back muscles are getting fierce!"

– corstijeir

"I've been hitting new PRs every day... while losing body fat!"

When I started taking Indigo-3G, I wanted to see my strength go up, and that has definitely happened. I'm setting PRs every workout while losing body fat. My energy is also through the roof!

– cr powerlinate

"I'm 37 and leaner now than I've ever been!"

After starting Indigo-3G, I dropped 7-8 pounds right out of the gate. I'm now leaner than I've ever been, and I'm starting to gain some appreciable muscle size. Every time I walk in to some place new, people will ask me what I'm doing to look like this. Even those who see me on a daily basis are taken aback by the changes they're seeing.

To say that I'm leaner now than I've ever been before is saying something – especially considering that I'm 37 years old. I've been training in one form or another for my entire adult life, and my current workload is the heaviest it's ever been.

Do I honestly believe that Indigo-3G has worked as advertised?

You're damn right I do! I can eat triple the amount of carbs that I did before, and seeing my waist shrink while doing so. I feel mentally focused, far less irritable than usual, and my drive to get to the gym and train, and to continue training once I'm there, is unlike anything I've experienced before.

– Dave-G

"You have to be kidding me!"

Two weeks after starting Indigo-3G, my ex came over to drop off my son. My shirt was off and she came up to me and said, "You have to be kidding me!" She's a personal trainer and in phenomenal shape right now. She never used to compliment me when we were still married.

And one of my friends that hasn't seen me in a while saw me right after I finished a workout and said, "You're juicing!"

I love these compliments!

– emenef

"I don't think you will hear of a negative experience."

I'm seeing a big change in my whole body. People are asking, "What are you doing?" Endurance is up, libido is awesome, stamina is up.

– HawkEye0487

"I honestly feel that I can't get fat while on Indigo-3G."

So far, I gained 4 pounds and lost an inch and a half on my waist.

– Hip Scar

"As a performance enhancer, I've never taken a supplement that comes close to what I'm experiencing on Indigo-3G."

I noticed endurance and strength effects immediately, and I'm seeing body recomposition from week to week.

On vacation, I had random people coming up and asking me what I'm on. The trainer at the gym hasn't seen me since I had my body fat measured, and he couldn't believe the changes I've made. He asked me what I was on and where he could get some!

As an ex-anabolics user, I've never used a supplement that even comes close to giving the effects of anabolics... until now!

Indigo-3G is the best supplement I've I ever used. Period!"

– Hospitaller

"I'm amazed at the progress I'm seeing."

With Indigo-3G, it's not a choice anymore between losing fat and building muscle. You can do both at the same time. Plus, my muscles look full all the time. I've never had this kind of performance improvement before.

– Itisfinished

"My workout energy is off the charts – awesome!"

Workout energy is off the charts. I'm now able to train longer and add in assistance work after my planned training session. I've never been able to do that before. As for body recomposition, I'm losing fat and gaining muscle. I've never had that happen before at the same time.

– Long Trang

"I have never experienced anything comparable to this."

I take Indigo-3G in combination with Surge Workout Fuel, Finibars, and Anaconda, because I believe taking advanced peri-workout nutrition is the best thing you can do as a natural bodybuilder. I have never used steroids and have no idea how it feels being on them, but I just cannot imagine any more dramatic effects than with this Biotest super-combo.

Additionally, far more important to me than getting big and strong is health, and living a healthy lifestyle. That's why I love Indigo-3G even more – it's healthy!

I'll definitely be reordering Indigo-3G, that's for sure.

– ParagonA

"The product definitely met the hype and then some!"

Even though my body weight is the same, I'm losing fat. In fact, I've lost 3 inches from my waist and had to go and buy a new belt. I'd just purchased a bunch of a new pants a few months ago and now I can't wear them because they're too loose.

– sjsosu

"As a competing bodybuilder, I've never been this lean and this heavy."

I started taking Indigo-3G two days after competing in a bodybuilding show, and without a doubt I was able to pound the carbohydrates without gaining fat. I used to eat around 250 grams of carbs a day, but now I'm taking in close to 500 grams on hard workout days. I totally can't believe it.

– synergy93


Indigo-3G™ is not simply a supplement to try.

And as you can see from their comments, users view Indigo-3G™ as a game-changer... forever changing the way you handle carbs, changing the way you don't store body fat, and changing the way you gain muscle.

In fact, consumers have made it categorically clear that they "never want to be without it." They're concerned with the same thing as we at Biotest are – that due to the enormous demand, we'll run out by selling it to "everyone who wants to try it" and not have enough for the serious users.

I believe we have a plan for releasing Indigo-3G™ to the rest of the world that's both fair and effective. So, if you're a current user or you're considering becoming one, it's once again time to pay close attention to what I'm about to say.

First-Time Purchasers

Undoubtedly there are a lot more people who'll want to purchase and continue purchasing Indigo-3G™ than we can supply. With that in mind, the official Biotest policy on its release is pretty bold:

We only want to sell Indigo-3G™ to users who are both informed and serious. Furthermore, we want to make sure that all existing Indigo-3G consumers have continued access to supplies. In other words, once you begin taking Indigo-3G,™ we want you to be able to continue taking it without interruption.

So, if you're considering Indigo-3G,™ but you're on the fence, or worried about cost, stop right there and go no further. It's not for you, at least not at this time.

Customized Coaching in the Indigo Project

On the other hand, if you want to commit to following the Indigo-3G™ dosing protocol for an entire 6-week "break-in period," then we're fully behind helping you maximize your experience. And we have an entire Indigo Project section of the site established for coaching you through the process.

The Indigo Project Training Logs and Training Lab provide the highest level of coaching anywhere on our site, and include customized training programs prepared by Christian Thibaudeau. There's way too much going on to go into details here. If you haven't looked through the Indigo Project, I really want to encourage you to check it out.

As a potential first-time user, there's also one more thing to consider before purchasing.

Indigo-3G™ is Nonrefundable

We simply refuse to have semi-committed or impulsive people buy Indigo-3G™ on a whim, fail to read the instructions, try one capsule and decide it "doesn't work," and then ask for a refund. That messes things up for you and it messes things up for us. Therefore, no refunds.

So you really need to make sure that you've read all of the information on Indigo-3G™ and that you're fully committed to sticking with a 6-week program, prior to considering your purchase.