HOT-ROX , the new fat burner from Biotest, is setting the supplement world on fire! Ephedra, the former king of fat burners, has been made obsolete, and that ain't no hype! Ever since introducing the world to HOT-ROX , T-mag and Biotest have been flooded with questions. In an effort to get more info to you, we've put together this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Q: In a nutshell, how does HOT-ROX work?

A: HOT-ROX works through a variety of mechanisms. HOT-ROX ...

  • Releases fat from fat cells (lipolysis) more rapidly than ephedra-based products and minimizes fat creation (lipogenesis) at the same time.
  • Maximizes and sustains metabolism around the clock, turning fat into heat energy.
  • Revs up your thyroid activities without causing suppression.
  • Increases Testosterone in males (but is perfectly safe for women.)
  • Preserves or even promotes muscle-mass gains.
  • Supresses hunger, especially cravings for carbohydrates and sweets.
  • Enhances mood. (Hey, it's easier to diet if you feel good!)

For all the scientific details, see our article here.

Q: Will I feel anything from taking HOT-ROX, such as that jittery feeling I get from ephedrine products?

A: No, HOT-ROX doesn't contain ephedrine or any stimulants other than a caffeine that's simply used to potentiate the effects of one of the other ingredients.

Unlike ephedrine you won't feel "jittery" or feel any excessive stimulation. You won't see the increased heart rate and blood pressure, either. What you may experience is a "warming sensation" as well as a general decrease in appetite and reduction of cravings for carbohydrates.

Users also report mild euphoria, a sense of lessened fatigue, and increased alertness. In some cases, though, the only obvious effect is greatly increased fat loss!

Q: Is there an ideal time to take HOT-ROX?

A: Because of the duration of actions of the compounds, timing isn't really important. But from the standpoint of optimization, probably one to three hours pre-workout would be best. If one serving is being used, you should take it first thing in the morning and at the same time each successive day. If taking two servings, take one serving in the morning and another approximately 8-12 hours later, perhaps a few hours prior to your workout.

Q: How much fat will I lose?

A: Considering that individuals vary greatly, it's really impossible to give an exact figure. Furthermore, it also depends on how well you adhere to your diet. Provided that your diet and training are in line, HOT-ROX will exceed the effects of any fat loss supplement on the market.

Q: What kind of diet and training should I follow when using HOT-ROX?

A: Almost any of the diets and training programs outlined in T-mag will work well, provided that they're geared towards fat loss. There are dozens of diet and training programs in our Previous Issues section. Just pick the ones that appeal to you and go to work! If you need some simple guidelines, checkout our HOT-ROX Transformation Plan.

Q: How should I cycle this product?

A: One of the many advantages of HOT-ROX is simply that it doesn't require any sort of particular cycling plan. However, it's always a good idea to take the occasional break from any supplement. With that being said, an occasional break of one to two weeks after using the product for 12 to 16 weeks isn't a bad idea.

Q: What other fat-loss supplements can I stack with HOT-ROX?

A: We designed HOT-ROX to work extremely well all by itself. There's no need to add ephedra, yohimbine, or fat loss drugs. In fact, some of those things may even cause unwanted side effects.

That being said, if you choose, you can use MAG-10, 4-AD-EC, Tribex, Methoxy-7, Myostat, Power Drive, ZMA and any protein powder or MRP like Grow! with no problems.

Q: Can women use HOT-ROX?

A: Yes!

Q: I see there's a "steroid" in HOT-ROX. I thought that causes virilization in women?!

A: A7-E is a "steroid" but not an androgen. It's important that you not get the two confused. Androgens are steroids but not all steroids are androgens. Cholesterol, estradiol, and cortisol are all steroids yet are not androgens. A7-E is not an androgen. It's completely devoid of any androgenic activity and thus is completely safe for women to use.

Q: Are there any potential negative side effects?

A: Provided that one follows the label recommendations and does not combine HOT-ROX with other compounds like ephedrine, yohimbine, etc., the likelihood of experiencing negative side effects is extremely low. Some users feel "energized" at night for the first couple of days, thus requiring more time to fall asleep, but even when this happens, within a few days adaptation takes place and sleep comes as easily as usual.

Q: Why does HOT-ROX cost more than other fat loss products?

A: In short, the ingredients are very expensive and there were no corners cut in seeking out (or inventing!) the most powerful and effective fat loss agents in the world. Considering that you can use this product alone with great success and don't need to stack it with anything, it's pretty cost effective.

Q: Where can I get more info on HOT-ROX?

A: You can call Biotest customer service at 800-530-1940. Also, be sure you've read our special report on HOT-ROX called Outrageous But True: We've Made Ephedra Obsolete!

Q: Where can I buy HOT-ROX?

A: Right here at the Biotest store!

The feedback on HOT-ROX is starting to pour in. In short, people are losing fat faster and keeping more muscle than they did with ECA-type products. Was HOT-ROX introduced to the market with a lot of hype? Yes it was. Is it living up to the hype, outperforming expectations, and making believers out of skeptics? You bet it is!

In short, HOT-ROX rocks!