A sure-fire way to increase strength and size gains from training is to maximize the interaction between circulating testosterone and androgen receptors. The greater the testosterone content in androgen receptors, the greater the muscle-building response from exercise.

An acute bout of intense exercise will increase androgen receptor (AR) content. Unfortunately, there's not enough circulating testosterone post-exercise to prevent a drop to or below baseline. In theory, a solution would be to elevate T levels prior to exercise, and therefore keep enough T supplied to keep AR content high.


This got me thinking about using the testosterone booster Alpha Male® to not only potentially eliminate the AR crash post-workout, but to even potentiate the AR response even further. If my hunch is correct, taking a dose of Alpha Male 60-90 minutes prior to training, and a second dose immediately after the workout, will supply enough T to enhance the effect and keep AR content high post-exercise.

The end result should be more muscle built in less time.


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