Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol, by Phil Campbell

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Maximal Results, Minimal Time. Go Beyond High-Intensity Interval Training

Hey, want to do something in the gym that's boring AND doesn't really work all that well? Then do slow cardio. Doesn't that sound like fun? No? Then this book is for you.

It's all about sprint-intensity training. These types of workouts promise to recruit all three muscle fiber types, including both types of fast-twitch muscle fibers, "thereby conditioning the anaerobic and aerobic processes of the heart muscle in many different ways."

On top of that, the workouts will trigger a tsunami of natural growth hormone release that's equivalent to injecting it. And you'll only need three, 20-minute workouts a week.

Okay, yeah, the book's ad copy is a little over the top, but it was recommended to us by Christian Thibaudeau, who knows a thing or two about training, so it's worth looking into. – Chris Shugart

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