CryoDerm Heat, Pain Relieving Lotion

CryoDerm Heat, Pain Relieving Lotion

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Colorless, Paraben Free, 4 Ounces

Great for relieving muscle soreness and joint pain before or after your workouts. Just remember to wash your hands before touching your junk.

– Merrick Lincoln

Herbivore – Natural Pink Clay Cleansing Soap Bar

Herbivore – Natural Pink Clay Cleansing Soap Bar

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Truly Natural, Clean Beauty

This is the best facial soap for combination skin. If you're wanting to avoid breakouts, and you've got skin that can get oily and dry in places, this is the stuff you need STAT.

– Dani Shugart

OneBlade Hybrid Razor Set

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Safety razor with waxed canvas travel bag, leather holster, 10 blades, lavender shave cream and aftershave.

It took a group of engineers, ninja barbers, and cleanly-shaven wizards over a year to design the perfect single-blade razor. We're talking about the ideal balance of pivot point and spring force, the right weight, the best Japanese blade steel, and high-end handle materials to make it last forever. All that R&D means you'll get a great shave without irritation or razor burn. Oh, and it'll actually look cool sitting out on your bathroom counter. – Chris Shugart


Duke Cannon Men's Body Soap

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Ten ounces, lasts three times longer than a wussy bar of soap.

This is not a bar of soap. That's for commies and college boys who want to talk about their feelings. This is a brick of soap. Really, it's almost the size of a brick. What does it smell like? Victory and seagrass. You'll put an inch of muscle on your arms just washing your ass. It was inspired by the rough cut, brick-style of soap used by GIs during the Korean War. (It's actually made in the same American factory.) A portion of all proceeds goes directly to support veterans, too. – Chris Shugart


Kedsum Professional Nose Trimmer

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Stainless steel manual trimmer. Comes with cleaning brush, case, and nail clippers.

I don't have excessive nose hair. Nope, not me. But let's pretend I did. And let's pretend that I tried a half-dozen different battery-operated trimmers over the years and all of them, without fail... failed. Well, if that wasn't just pretend, what I'd do is buy an all-steel manual clipper that works great and lasts forever. No batteries needed, just finger power. Sure am glad I don't have to buy one. – Chris Shugart


Maestro's Classic Beard Wash, Wisemen's Blend

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Eight ounces, sulfate-free, foaming action.

The best reason to grow a beard? Well, studies show that growing a beard instantly increases your max deadlift. The longer the beard, the more you can pull. (That's a true story I just made up.) But once your beard hits a certain manly length, you'll want to ditch the regular soap and use something that keeps it clean without drying it out. This stuff does the trick. Smells good too. – Chris Shugart


Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums Tonic

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Mouthwash, 18 ounces, eliminates bad breath, reduces and prevents bleeding and inflamed gums. Alcohol free with essential oils and organically grown herbs.

Got angry gums? You might not even realize it if you do. But here's a hint: They shouldn't hurt after you eat or bleed when you floss. This stuff helps with all that. And it's alcohol-free which means it won't kill the beneficial bacteria in your mouth's microbiome. Yes, not all the bacteria in your mouth is bad... kinda like in your gut. Natural and holistic dentists recommend this stuff as do conventional ones. – Dani Shugart


Concord Large Executive Nail Clipper

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Large, all-steel clippers with Italian leather pouch.

These are the exact same nail clippers used by ancient Samurai warriors. Okay, not really. But they are made in Seki City, Japan, the birthplace of great sword and knife steel. With these heavy-leverage clippers you'll be able to slice clean-through your enemy and he'll keep walking for a few steps before collapsing into two neat pieces! Or, you know, you'll finally be able to trim that nasty big toenail of yours. You know the one. – Chris Shugart


Cremo All-Season Body Wash, Bourbon & Oak

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Two-pack, 16 ounces, prevents flakes in winter yet light and breathable in the summer.

Why do the makers of body wash assume that men want to smell like tulips or that K-Mart cologne Uncle Chester wore in the 1980s? Ew. No, if we want to smell like anything, it would be bourbon and wood. Not a "I got drunk in the forest again" scent, but a subtle, complex aroma that makes women want to wear your shirt the next morning. This stuff contains marula oil, which moisturizes without feeling filmy. It also kinda looks like a bottle of vodka sitting in your shower, and really, who doesn't want that? – Chris Shugart


Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (Peppermint, 32 ounce, 2-pack)

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Made with organic oils. No synthetic detergents or foaming agents.

Wash your body with it. Wash your hair with it. Brush your teeth with it. (Seriously, some people do that.) I like it because it doesn't contain a laundry list of questionable chemicals and artificial scents. It's all-natty, bro.

And some studies show that the smell of peppermint can boost athletic performance and mental energy. Hey, I'll take what I can get. Note: It does make your twig and berries tingle a little. Which isn't a bad thing. – Chris Shugart

Maestro's Classic Beard Butter

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8 ounce hydrating beard cream for itchy or unmanageable beards.

Studies show that women are more attracted to guys with beards. But being more attractive doesn't help much when those same women won't let you near their tender parts with your itchy face-bush. So soften up that scruff with Beard Butter. This non-greasy cream is made with coconut oil and other good stuff like eucalyptus, rosemary, and juniper berry. Smells nice, too. – Chris Shugart


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Wet/dry razor with curved handle designed for the back and body.

It's the dirty little secret guys don't like admitting and girls don't like seeing: back hair. Fact is, some dudes are genetically closer to orangutans than to those odd little hairless Sphynx cats, so grooming is an issue to deal with. One reason we build muscular bodies is for those muscles to be seen by people and you can't see rhomboids under a thicket of fur.

This razor has a specially curved handle over a foot long to hit all angles, and a pair of nearly 4-inch-wide replaceable blades to make trimming anywhere – yeah, pretty much anywhere – an easy feat. – Chris Colucci