NT Loops

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Set includes two bands: 45 and 65 pounds of total resistance at full stretch. Proprietary Dura-Stretch technology.

Whether you're training at home or adding accommodating resistance to your big lifts at the gym, bands are a must-have accessory. Problem is, most latex bands have limited uses and they uncomfortably dig into your body. Standard bands can even wear out, lose elasticity, break, and snap the ever-lovin' shit out of you.

But not these bands. Designed by T Nation contributor Nick Tumminello, NT Loops are made of a practically bulletproof fabric. They're 3 inches wide so they won't pinch, cut into your body, or move around during training.

At 50 inches, these are the most versatile bands on the market. Throw this two-loop set into your Amazon cart and you'll be throwing them into your gym bag forever. – Chris Shugart 

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