Lundberg Rice Cakes

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Organic brown rice, gluten free, lightly salted.

I know, I know. Rice cakes are like eating nutritionally-void packing peanuts, right? Well, I think rice cakes have gotten a bum rap. They're perfectly fine, and rice has been a bodybuilding staple since dudes were hoisting globe barbells over their heads at Venice Beach. Think of rice cakes not as a stand-alone food, but as a vehicle for other good stuff, one that adds some crunch to a bland diet. That's why I prefer these rice cakes from Lundberg: they're extra crunchy and don't have that Styrofoam texture. They're more like extra-thick crackers. With just two ingredients – brown rice and a pinch of salt – and only 60 calories each, they'll elevate your snacking game.

– Chris Shugart

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