G. Hughes Sugar-Free Sauces

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Variety pack: Sugar-free ketchup and two BBQ sauces (original and hickory).

You know what makes bland chicken breasts taste better? Barbeque sauce! Ah, but therein lies the rub. Most sauces, especially barbeque sauces, contain a lot of sugar and other crap. In fact, the main ingredient is often high-fructose corn syrup. Same with ketchup.

Luckily, pit master G. Hughes created a line of sugar-free sauces. At only 5 to 20 calories per serving, you can pretty much have all you want. The barbeque sauces and ketchup taste damn close to the real thing. His marinades, honey mustard, and sweet chili sauce are great too, so toss some of those into your Amazon cart as well. – Chris Shugart


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