Bazooka Bar by Abnormal Strength Equipment

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3" diameter handles, textured steel, integrated hooks and carabiner hole

Have you been hitting the iron hard for years? Then your elbows are probably telling you the same thing mine are telling me: "Hey Chris, we're getting older, we're feeling cranky, and we're not going to let you lift like you used to." We have to out-smart those cantankerous, get-off-my-lawn joints. A proven way to do it? Adopt a fat, neutral grip whenever possible. That's where the Bazooka Bar comes in. Use it for pull-ups, pulldowns, and rows. The hooks fit over any standard bar and it even has a hole for attaching it to cable machines. Your crotchety elbows will thank you, and you'll build some new grip strength and forearm size to boot.

– Chris Shugart

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