ATX Strength Mini Squat Ramps

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ATX Strength Mini Squat Ramps
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Solid rubber, 19 degree gradient, up to 35 MM heel elevation

There's a time and place for elevating your heels during squats, like if you're working around a mobility issue or you just want more quad emphasis. So what do you do? Well, you probably grab two weight plates and stick them under your heels. Problem is, it's uncomfortable and slippery, and that sharp drop-off is unnatural. Enter these awesome little ramps, recommended to us by T Nation contributor Calvin Huynh. These rubber wedges are damn handy. Unlike a lifting shoe, you can adjust how high you want your heels by just moving up or down the ramp. The high-density rubber won't compress even under heavy loads. Bonus: They'll easily fit into your gym bag.

– Chris Shugart

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