Tip: Stop Crying About Steroids

Insecure males scream about drugs anytime they see someone stronger, more muscular, or more dedicated than they are. Pathetic.

The Sauce Card

It's unfortunate that I have to preface this whole thing by throwing out some platitudes that read like they come from some mommy blogger's Pinterest board, but it's inescapable: everything begins and ends in the mind.

Whatever it is you believe each day is what ultimately manifests itself in your life. Whatever space it is you're working from is what you're going to project out into the world.

What does that have to do with lifting weights? Well, there's this overarching theme of pettiness from natural guys. Anytime they see a physique that's fairly exceptional, they immediately pull out the sauce card. This even goes for physiques that, for the life of me, I wouldn't ever figure were built off A-Bombs and exogenous test.

You don't have to look very far into the comments of an article about some celebrity that got into amazing shape for a movie before you read, "Wonder what his GH and 'roid cycle was like?"

Steroids used to be a word that meant exogenous hormones. Now it's a word used by insecure males to describe anyone stronger, more muscular, more athletic, or more dedicated than they are.

Go Punch Yourself in the Crotchal Region

I'm not saying that some actors never hit a few cups of the sauce in preparation for a role. What I'm saying is, I don't care. So why do you?

There's no "cheating" going on. And they don't owe you any honesty about what they did to their body to prepare for a role. So why are you crying harder than a toddler at the Disney store who was told "no" to getting a new Pocahontas outfit?

Let me repeat that. No one owes you honesty about his or her drug use. I'm not sure where that degree of entitlement comes from but it behooves you to punch yourself right in the crotchal region each time you feel like puking it from your mouth or keyboard.

Do you know who doesn't find time to hurl these kinds of accusations and insults at people? Those who have healthy self-esteems and are too busy immersed in getting better – the ones too busy watering their own grass to pay attention to someone else's.

If you were focused on your own goals, your own diet, and your own performance, you'd see a good physique and go, "Wow, impressive!" But when you're working from a fractured mindset, then seeing an impressive physique sets off all sorts of inner voices that bring your self-loathing insecurities right to the forefront.

But how does it benefit you? How does it improve your life? How does it improve your own performance in the gym? Nowhere.

Now let's flip that a bit, and take the mindset of a guy that says he's going to get strong as hell, get big as hell, and that he's going to bleed from his eyeballs each and every time he gets under a bar to make that come to fruition.

Can you honestly picture that guy chastising Chris Hemsworth for getting jacked for Thor? Yeah, me neither. Stop whining. Stop chastising. Stop accusing. Stop projecting.

Weigh your food. Break your own PR's. Be consistent with your training and diet. You'd be amazed how far you'd get if you took your eyes off of the world and put the onus back on yourself.