In the 2001-2002 academic year, the NCAA spent almost three million dollars testing Division I and Division II football players for "anabolic agents, diuretics, and urine manipulators." National studies have allegedly shown a decrease in steroid use among college football players.

According to these studies, back in the late 1980's, about 9% of football players were juiced. The same studies now say only 3% are using steroids. Are college players indeed using less steroids, or are they simply better at hiding their usage? What's the real story?

T-mag decided to take a closer look. We went right to the frontlines to talk to a real, live, steroid-lovin' football player who's been through the NCAA test and occasionally visits the steroid section of the T-Forum. He agreed to talk to us by phone if we kept his true identity secret.

Testosterone: You awake? You sounded pretty drunk this morning when I got your message.

T-mag: So did you guys win yesterday?

T-mag: You said once on the T-forum that your balls were the size of jellybeans. How are they hanging now?

T-mag: How many guys on your team are using steroids?

T-mag: Nobody got busted this year with the NCAA tests?

T-mag: Were you pretty freaked out when you received notice that you were getting tested?

T-mag: So as far as endogenous Test production, you're struggling hormonally at this point and basically registering as hypogonadal, right?

T-mag: I read on the NCAA website that they check the specific gravity of the urine to make sure it's not too dilute.

T-mag: Did you drink that vinegar concoction then?

T-mag: Let's talk about grueling workouts now, because I know these, in part, led to your decision to use steroids.

T-mag: Do your coaches know some of you are juicing? Do they discourage or encourage steroid use at all?

T-mag: It could lead to a major scandal for the team and the school.

T-mag: Don't you figure most of your opponents are juicing as well?

T-mag: Do the other athletes on your team know what they're doing when it comes to using steroids?

T-mag: So you're like the team endocrinologist?

T-mag: You've been juicing for a year now, right?

T-mag: What was your first cycle?

T-mag: You're screwed!

T-mag: What did you get from that cycle in terms of gains?

T-mag: How about sides?

T-mag: No ancillaries? Big mistake!

T-mag: So what happened?

T-mag: Let's talk about your second cycle.

T-mag: So this cycle went better?

T-mag: So you went to a doctor?

T-mag: He believed it?


T-mag: 257? Did you take up knitting?

T-mag: So you went back to the endocrinologist a third time, right?

T-mag: So what have you kept from your cycle in terms of gains?

T-mag: Any words of wisdom for high school athletes or college players considering their first steroid cycle? Do you need to use steroids in order to be competitive?


T-mag: That's sound advice. Tell us though, will you use again?


T-mag: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

T-mag: Ever feel guilty about all this steroid use? I mean, regardless of your reasoning, you are willfully cheating in your sport.

T-mag: Okay, Anon, thanks for the straightforward talk.