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Superhuman Planks

If you can do anything other than focus on not blacking out while performing a plank, you're doing it wrong.

  • Abs
  • Tip: Whole Foods vs. Protein Powders

    Some people like to say that protein supplements are inferior to whole-food protein sources. But what does science say? Check this out.

    The 10 Dumbest Diet Myths

    Don't believe the hype! Have you fallen for one of these dietary acts of idiocy?

    5 Tips to Dominate the Deadlift

    Five simple tips to help you start pulling some serious weight. Check ‘em out.

    Tip: A New Way to Widen Your Shoulders

    Combine these two effective lateral raise variations and be ready to go up a T-shirt size.

    Tip: Take This to Increase Testosterone by 24%

    It's crucial to health anyhow, so you've got no excuse not to take it.

    6 Deadlift Tips for Non-Powerlifters

    You don't have to be a powerlifter to benefit from the deadlift, but you do need to train the lift differently for your unique goal. Here's how.

    Barbells Behind Bars

    The author was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He started lifting to build up his self-esteem and, more importantly, to protect his ass from getting shanked.

    The Two Best Exercises You've Never Tried

    These brand new exercises will hit your lats, strengthen your shoulder girdle, and give you a great set of abs.

    The 4 Kinds of Steroid Users

    Not all steroid users are meathead stereotypes... but some of them sure are. Do you know anyone on this list?

    Rebuilding Matt Damon

    Matt Damon has made some amazing physique transformations over the years with the help of trainer Jason Walsh. Here's an inside peek into how they do it.

    15 Lessons From Deadlifting 500 Pounds

    Great. Another article that makes you question everything you're doing. Oh well, at least there are plenty of tips that we can start using right away.

    5 Ways to Turn Food Into Muscle, Not Fat

    Instead of cutting carbs, make them work for you by boosting your insulin sensitivity. Here are five simple ways to do it.

    Tip: Stretch the Hip Flexors

    Sit on your butt most of the day? Try this dynamic stretch that'll get you ready for smooth, heavy lifting.

    The Best Way to Lift Weights

    “Eccentric isometrics” are probably the best way to increase strength and size. As a bonus, they'll help you to move like a tiger and feel awesome.

    The Dumb Figure Coach

    Starvation diets, damaging workouts, and eating toilet paper. It's time to call out the idiot competition coaches who are damaging women.

    Tip: Increase Insulin Sensitivity, Get Abs

    Are you training your abs and eating clean yet still can't seem to uncover that six-pack? Here's what the problem could be and 5 ways to fix it.

    Fix Your Knees, Get Bigger & Stronger

    A "knee" article that covers box squats, American deadlifts, stretching too much, and avoiding mobility drills.

    Kroc: From Matt to Janae

    The transgender powerlifter and bodybuilder formerly known as Matt Kroc speaks out.

    Tip: The Snack That Shrinks Love Handles

    Snack on these in the late afternoon and lose fat around your waist. Really. Check out the science.

    12 Weeks to a Better Deadlift

    To many in the iron world, how much you can deadlift is the ultimate status symbol. Here's a solid three-month plan to get you on the road to deadlifting respect.

    Tip: Build Biceps with an Empty Bar

    All you need is a light bar and the ability to withstand searing pain. Here's how to do it.

    P90X and Muscle Confusion: The Truth

    You may not be doing P90X, but plenty of your schmuck friends are. Let them read this and save them from mediocrity.

    11 Fat-Loss Mistakes Women Make

    Sometimes, it's the things you don't think about that are the biggest problems when it comes to losing fat. Are you making these mistakes?

    Tip: Don't Be a Gym Creeper

    Are you the resident d-bag in your gym? Find out here.