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Tip: How to Fix All Your Biceps Problems

Here's what to do if your curls aren't cutting it.

5 Back Training Myths You Probably Believe

You probably think a few of these myths are true... and that's hindering your back growth. Let's set the record straight.

The Eat As Much As You Want Diet

Lose body fat without counting calories by choosing the right nutrient dense foods. Choose wrong and you'll end up with a condition called “toxic hunger.”

Tip: Simplify the Deadlift

Everything you need to know about the deadlift in one sentence. Really. Check it out.

Tip: The Forward Head Posture Fix

This posture issue will lead to lifting injuries and recurring headaches. Here's how to straighten it up.

The Core Training Reality Check

Let's bust three ab training myths, test for real abdominal strength, and learn the best way to build a strong, athletic core.

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  • The Final Word: Free Weights vs. Machines

    Some say free weights are best. Some say machines are best. They're both being narrow-minded. Here's the real science.

    Tip: Steroids vs. Your Heart

    People always assumed steroids could mess with your heart, but were they right? Here's the new research.

    Bench Press Grip: The Magic Number

    Use this simple math formula to find your perfect bench press grip, prevent injuries, and lift a lot more weight.

    The Problem with “Exercise Science”

    Want to become a strength coach or high-level trainer? Most of today's programs will only help you become a miseducated rep-counter making minimum wage at Planet Fitness.

    10 Great Things About Lifting Weights

    If your friends and family don't understand why you spend all that time in the gym, send them this.

    Squat Right for Your Type

    Don't freak out, but not everyone is built for barbell back squats. Luckily, there are plenty of hardcore alternatives.

    Tip: The Vitamin That Treats Anxiety & Panic Attacks

    Some people may need drugs for anxiety, but others just have a simple vitamin or mineral deficiency. Here's the science.

    Tip: The T-Boosting Capsule You Need to Take

    This simple ingredient has been proven to boost testosterone, build muscle, and burn fat. Check it out.

    Tip: Do the Cobra Pulldown for Lats

    Can't feel your lats working? Can't get them to grow? This exercise will fix both of those problems, fast! Check it out.

    The Not-So Ugly Truth About Gluten

    Tens of thousands of people gave up gluten and started feeling better, only it's starting to look like it wasn't gluten that was causing the problems.

    Tip: Ditch Your Arm Day

    There's a smarter way to build bigger, stronger biceps. Check it out.

    Tip: Avoid This Dumb Workout Trend

    It's not CrossFit. It's not HIIT. It's an ugly blend of the two. And it needs to go away. Here's why.

    Tip: Stop Whoring Yourself Out

    You see it everywhere on social media these days. Here's the real problem.

    Rippetoe Throws Down

    The difference between exercising and training… and why you need to know it.

    Mobility is Overrated

    Nagging shoulder pain won't suddenly go away if you keep treating it like a mobility issue. Here's the real problem and how to fix it.

    The Real CrossFit Fight

    An unholy alliance of certification and soda companies is threatening to pull fitness back into the dark ages. CrossFit is fighting back.

    Tip: Burn Until You're Big

    Good news: This hypertrophy training technique works fast. Bad news: It feels like your muscles are on fire. Try it if you dare.

    Coconut Oil: Health Food or Heart Killer?

    Coconut oil went from superfood to serious concern for the American Heart Association. They say it clogs the arteries. Are they right? Here's the real story.

    How to Lift Forever: 5 Mandatory Exercises

    Love lifting? Want to keep doing it for life? Then you need to balance your workouts and fix your posture with these five exercises.