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Tip: Want Lats? Do One-Arm Barbell Rows

Not dumbbell rows, but barbell rows with one arm. Here's how to do it.

The Truth About Squatting Deep

Friends don't let friends squat high, but there's really no point in squatting any deeper than slightly below parallel. Here’s why.

Tip: How to Poop Better

Oh sure, laugh it up. But you'll desperately want to know these tips when you get constipated. Here's how to get regular.

The Best Core Exercise. Period.

This exercise makes you suck air, improves upper body strength, eases back pain, and builds a concrete core.

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  • Delts on Fire

    If you're a hardgainer in the shoulder department it's time to ramp up the way you've been training.

    Tip: A Supplement That Works Without Exercise

    This supplement builds muscle and burns fat even without training... and of course it works even better if you do.

    These 3 Exercises Are a Waste of Time

    These exercises really don't work, and some even lead to injury. Here's why, plus some more effective alternatives.

    4 Exercises for Real Posture Improvement

    Most postural correction movements are missing the big picture. Here's what will really fix your posture fast.

    The Kardashian Butt Must Die

    Admiration of that famous big butt is ruining women's backsides. Here's why.

    A Lifter's Guide To Marijuana

    How does weed affect your fat loss and muscle building goals? Let's dig into the science and find out.

    Tip: Viagra Is Great for Bodybuilders

    There are plenty of good reasons to use Viagra and its cousins, other than the obvious one.

    The Truth About Ass-to-Grass Squats

    Some people say the only correct way to squat is ATG. And some people are a little smarter than that. Here's the truth.

    Fast Abs: 4 Fat-Burning Finishers

    Get your abs back fast with one simple diet tip and four grueling fat-burning finishers performed a few times per week.

    Tip: Burn Fat Faster Than Ever Before

    This type of exercise trains your body fat to break down by altering gene expression.

    Tip: Why You Must Push Press

    It's one of the most powerful and athletic moves you can do. Here's what you need to know about it.

    Tip: The Healthiest Snack Food

    Four reasons to eat more of this stuff, including stronger erections and higher testosterone levels.

    Tip: The Very Best Low-Body Mobility Exercise

    If you're only going to do one mobility drill to improve your squat, this should be it.

    Adamantium Abs: 6 Core Exercises You Need

    Use these moves to build real-world core strength. Or, you know, just do them because abs look awesome. Whatever.

    Tip: Get Ripped With 4-Rep Sets

    Nothing screams “strength and conditioning” like EMOM training. Here are two ways to do it.

    You (Probably) Don't Need to Train Arms

    Many lifters don't need direct biceps and triceps work. Some need a little. Some need a lot. Here's how to know what's best for your body and your goals.

    Tip: The Upper Chest Push-Up

    Replace regular push-ups with this version to fix S.U.C Syndrome. (That's Scrawny Upper Chest Syndrome.)

    How to Build a Monster Grip

    Use these exercises to strengthen your grip, crush rocks, and punch through walls. Or, you know, just lift heavy stuff while keeping your hands healthy.

    Ab Training Made Simple

    You only need two or three exercises to build your abs. The trick is to choose the right exercises and breathe correctly while doing them. Here's how.

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  • Tip: The Best Chest Exercise You've Never Tried

    A new exercise for pecs and a new method to trigger chest growth. Add this odd-looking move to your current program.

    The New Big 3 for Non-Powerlifters

    Unless you're a powerlifter, stop with the emphasis on bench, squats, and barbell deadlifts. There are better masters to serve. Here they are.