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Tip: Do Rice Digs for Grip Strength

Increase forearm and finger strength with rice, then hoist some heavier weights. Here's how.

Tip: The Right Way to Lift for Fat Loss

It's not what you think. Keep burning calories after your workout is done with this counterintuitive training method.

Body-Part Splits Are Dead

They work for newbies and drug-aided pros, but for the rest of us, body-part splits rob us of growth. Here's what to do instead.

Tip: The Biggest Clown in the Gym

Are you a micro-repper? Don't be. Everyone is laughing at you.

The Absolute Best Way to Build Hamstrings

Big strong hammies are rare, even though everyone trains them. Here's what they're doing wrong and how to really build them.

Tip: A New, Old Way to Build Massive Quads

Take this old-school leg builder and make it even better for quad development. Here's how.

Tip: The Only Good Smith Machine Exercise

This crazy-looking training method will improve your bench press strength.

Tip: Do the Aipa Row

One row to build your back and biceps, boost your deadlift, and even improve your posture. Check it out.

Ugly Ab Training

Forget about trying to build pretty abs with crunches. Instead, build nasty-strong abs and they'll look great too. Here's how.

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  • Tip: The Machine That Strengthens Your Pull-Ups

    Most assisted pull-up machines will NOT make you better at regular pull-ups, but there is one that will. Check it out.

    Tip: Do This BEFORE Benching & You'll Lift Heavier

    Prime your nervous system before bench pressing to unlock your strength potential. Here's how.

    One Exercise for Total Shoulder Health

    No shoulder gains? Are they always hurting? Do this exercise once per day.

    Tip: To Grow, Do This BEFORE Your Big Lifts

    Use this technique to increase your mind-muscle connection and build more muscle.

    Tip: Do This After Heavy Lifting

    Keep your back healthy by adding this feel-good move to your workout.

    Tip: A New Way to Build Stubborn Lats

    It's not a new exercise, but a better way to do pulldowns that will turn on muscle growth fast. Check it out.

    Tip: Trigger Biceps Growth With Spider Curls

    Nail the under-stimulated portion of your biceps and you'll add size fast. Here's how.

    Tip: The Scientific Reason Women Need to Go Heavy

    How heavy? Here's the science.

    Tip: Careful, 'Roids Make You Forget Stuff

    We know what performance-enhancing drugs can do for your muscles, but what about your mind? A new study has some answers.

    6 Weeks to Superhero

    I've tried every way known to man to quickly put on a significant amount of muscle while simultaneously getting ripped to shreds. This is what I've found to be the absolute best method.

    Tip: A New Exercise for Big Shoulders

    Build your delts AND keep them healthy with this challenging new exercise.

    Tip: Take This Vitamin or Get a Hernia

    Most people don't get enough of it. And now we know this can lead to muscle strains and hernias.

    Tip: The Most Painful (and Effective) Way to Squat

    Yeah, it hurts, but if your legs are lagging it'll build them up fast.

    Tip: The Coregasm is Real

    Women have whispered about it for years and now science has confirmed its existence. This is fascinating.


    Tip: Two Simple Ways to Build Bigger Biceps

    Two simple adjustments will make your dumbbell curls much more effective. Check 'em out.

    Tip: Stop Being Needy and Self-Obsessed

    Your need to inspire others is lame, ego-driven, and delusional. Here's why, snowflake.