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Knife Fight!

Facing an Edged Weapon

Kroc: From Matt to Janae

The transgender powerlifter and bodybuilder formerly known as Matt Kroc speaks out.

Level With Me, Doc... How Long Have I Got?

A Comprehensive Look at Lab Tests

Listening to Cialis

"Sorry, this has never happened to me before."

Liver Paté

The Care and Feeding of the Liver

Meditation for Muscle

How sometimes sitting still and doing nothing can help you build muscle.

Mental Muscle

The Psychology of Body Transformation and Peak Performance.

Sex, Lifting, and Sports Performance

Should you really abstain before a big game? How does sex affect T levels? And do women really have better workouts after? The answers here.

Strong Hearts and Big Fat Lies

Most of what we know about heart health is a big fat, artery-clogging lie. Here's what's true and untrue about taking care of your ticker.

The 11 Best Books for Smart Meatheads

Our experts share their favorite books on training, nutrition, and mindset. Check out the list.

The 4 Stages of Mental Mastery

How to use neurolinguistic programming to reach your physique goals.

The Big Sleep - Part 1

Snooze Your Way to Bigger Muscles and Less Fat!

The Big Sleep - Part 2

Snooze Your Way to Bigger Muscles and Less Fat!

The Bodybuilder's Guide to Blood Work

Doctors often think lifters are sick because their physicals and blood tests yield scary results. Here's how to protect yourself from false positives.

The Breast Implant Illness Epidemic

Many weight training women get breast implants. And many get them removed because of mysterious symptoms. Here's why.

The Fahrenheit Girl

T Nation talks to model and figure competitor Jelena Abbou. Check it out.

The Fake Butt Phenomenon

From fitness celebrities to reality stars, augmented asses are everywhere. Here's how they do it and how to spot the pretenders.

The Microcurrent Revolution

Another piece of the bodybuilding puzzle?

The NPGL: America's Newest Sport?

Scoot over, CrossFit. Competitive fitness is on the rise. Could it become America's new team sport? You decide.

The Plastic Surgeon

Bruce Nadler has seen more boobs than you.

The Psychology of Big – Part 1

A Brief History of Mind Over Matter

The Psychology of Big – Part 2

Freud Pumps Up

The Secret Weapon

An interview with Dr. Jack Singer, Sports Psychologist

The Sex Cult of Venice Beach

If you've been with "Testosterone Magazine" since the beginning, you know that we've posted a lot of controversial articles. We've aimed a flood light on areas that many would have preferred we'd left dark.

The Thailand Trilogy - Part 1

Descent into Bangkok