Tip: Willpower is Skillpower

Here's what every lifter, dieter, and athlete needs to know about the Law of Psychic Entropy.

The Law Of Psychic Entropy

Entropy is a scientific term for loss of energy. Another name for this law is "the law of mental energy drain." We now know that willpower is like a battery. It can be drained and it can be charged.

Research has shown that any type of thought or "self editing" drains this battery. Self editing simply refers to the idea of judging, planning, and thinking about stuff you did, are doing, or have to do. You have a psychic reserve, and when that reserve is empty you're less likely to exert control over your behaviors and far more likely to revert back to habitual and pleasure seeking behavior.

This Law of Psychic Entropy is completely ignored in the diet and health industry. If you understand this metabolic law, you'll immediately understand the folly of trying to change ten things about your life at one time.

Going from a Doritos-eating couch potato to a CrossFitting paleo man is going to short-circuit your willpower battery faster than you can say "kettlebell swing."

Willpower is a Skill

When you understand the law of psychic entropy you start to realize that willpower is more like "skillpower." Willpower isn't something you either have or don't have, it's something you develop through mindfulness and practice. Think of it as a conscious approach to charging your battery.

We now understand much about how this works. For example, it has been shown that stress depletes the willpower battery, turning on pleasure seeking centers of the brain while reducing motivation centers.

TV and computer time may seem relaxing and regenerative, and it is for a while, but within a short time becomes draining. Anyone who has laid around and watched a Harry Potter marathon over the course of a weekend can tell you they feel anything but relaxed and recharged.

Recharge Your Battery

Things that charge up the willpower battery? Creative pursuits, practicing gratitude (yes, really), relaxing activities, and meditation all can have an effect.

This law describes the conscious and intentional pursuit of activities that rest, relax, recharge and recover the psychic energy that gets used up in the fast-paced modern lifestyle. Another way to consider this concept is "rest-based living."

These activities must become the center-point and priority of anyone who wishes to keep the metabolism functioning at a high level, especially as they age.