Tip: The 30-Minute Trick for a Better Day

Make every day better. Start it by working on yourself and getting your mind right. Here's how.

Create White Space

Start your day with half an hour of "white space" – no laptop, cell phone, or social media.

Read a book on self development or journal about your life. This time is not to be spent on worry, or figuring out solutions to problems in your life. It's your time to put on your personal oxygen mask and allow yourself some healthy selfishness.

End that 30 minutes by writing down three things you're grateful for. They don't have to be big things. It can literally be how great your coffee tastes, or how amazing the wind feels on your skin. Try to be thankful for something in that present moment. Not "dinner was delicious last night."

Centering yourself is about connecting with where you are in the present and being grateful for what life is offering you now – no matter how small or insignificant you initially perceived it to be.

After that period of white space you can reach for your phone again, but do it to text someone you care about a quick "good morning," or send them an email. A phone call is better, but asking someone to make a call these days is like asking them to transfer their 401K into your name. No one wants to do it.

The Challenge

For the seven days, pick a different person each day. Let them know you value them and that you appreciate them being in your life. This is a shift from healthy selfishness to selflessness – the concern for someone else.

The purpose of this is to recharge for life. And the purpose of recharging should be to give back.