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RockTape RockGuards Shin Guards

From Amazon

5mm neoprene bonded to a 4-way-stretch synthetic backing.

I'm done with scabby shins. I know, bruised and bloodied shins prove you're a hardcore deadlifter, right? And chicks dig scars. (Pro tip: Not attractive chicks.) But I'm over it.

So I picked up a pair of these neoprene guards. RockGuards give you just enough padding to make deads, box jumps, Olympic lifts, and rope climbs less ouchie. Hey, your workout is supposed to hurt a little, but banging your tibias is distracting. That type of pain doesn't make you stronger, it just gives you a staph infection. – Chris Shugart


Fat Gripz One Series

From Amazon

1.75 inch diameter, made from a military-grade compound similar to heavy-duty rubber.

I bet you already own a classic pair of blue Fat Gripz. You know that thick-grip lifting activates more muscle fibers, builds your forearms and crushing strength, and adds a challenging progression to basic lifts.

But did you ever wish they could be just a little LESS fat? That would be great for certain exercises... or for those of us who don't have paws like Andre the Giant. Enter the One Series.

Instead of the standard 2.25" outer diameter, these are 1.75". That just feels better for some movements, and you'll still get all the benefits of thick-grip training. – Chris Shugart


Yes4All Viking Press Attachment

From Amazon

All steel construction, fits 2" Olympic barbell, 3 grip positions.

Landmine-style attachments are becoming more and more popular. Why? Because they're challenging, versatile, and add a new angle (literally) to tons of different barbell exercises.

This attachment ramps up the versatility even further. Now you can do strongman-style Viking presses, neutral-grip floor and shoulder presses, and much more. If your wrists and elbows are bugging you, just switch grips. This attachment gives you three different options.

Bonus: It has wider spaced handles so you don't smack your noggin when doing incline presses and shoulder work. Smart. – Chris Shugart


StrongTek Professional Wooden Slant Board

From Amazon

Adjustable incline calf stretcher with non-slip surface.

Whenever I allow my calves and ankles to stay tight, it always leads to pain further up the body. (Lookin' at you, knees and hips.) And for some reason, doing a calf stretch on the flat ground just doesn't hit the spot.

But this slant board does. You can change the angle and make it as steep or shallow as you need to get the right stretch. The grippy material keeps your feet in place whether you use it with or without shoes.

Sometimes I'll get on it barefooted first thing in the morning and the stretch feels glorious. You can also grab some dumbbells and do some standing calf raises with it when the mood strikes. – Dani Shugart


Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag

From Amazon

Triple stitched, YKK zippers, metal hardware, abrasion-resistant base.

"Why didn't I think of that?!" I said when someone recommend this to me. See, I was griping about how most gym bags can't handle my heavier accessories, like my nine-pound landmine attachment. Then someone made a suggestion: get a tool bag, dummy.

Since this soft-sided bag is made for drills and sanders, it can handle anything you'd want to take to the gym. It has an internal metal frame wrapped in a tough water-repellant fabric.

Besides the main compartment, this bag has 17 pockets, inside and out. Plenty of room for bands, bottles, collars, phones, chalk, fractional plates, belts, and a 12-inch bowie knife. What? My gym is in a rough neighborhood. – Chris Shugart