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Dynamax Soft-Shell Medicine Ball

From Amazon

14-inch diameter, durable vinyl soft-shell, moisture resistant

Those discount medicine balls your gym has sitting around are probably too small and yet too heavy for true velocity work. And most of them flatten like a gluten-free pancake every time they hit the ground.

See, most medballs are under 10 inches in diameter. That's okay for some movements, but unnaturally narrow for others. All standard Dynamax balls are 14 inches, no matter the weight. That just feels right ergonomically. It probably has something to do with the natural "power position" of your body.

Every Dynamax medball is handmade in America. The soft-shell is grippy and ridiculously durable. I've even used mine outdoors on rough terrain without a single tear. These things will absorb thousands of high-velocity impacts and retain their shape and balance. – Chris Shugart


ATX Strength Mini Squat Ramps

From Amazon

Solid rubber, 19 degree gradient, up to 35 MM heel elevation

There's a time and place for elevating your heels during squats, like if you're working around a mobility issue or you just want more quad emphasis.

So what do you do? Well, you probably grab two weight plates and stick them under your heels. Problem is, it's uncomfortable and slippery, and that sharp drop-off is unnatural.

Enter these awesome little ramps, recommended to us by T Nation contributor Calvin Huynh. These rubber wedges are damn handy. Unlike a lifting shoe, you can adjust how high you want your heels by just moving up or down the ramp. The high-density rubber won't compress even under heavy loads. Bonus: They'll easily fit into your gym bag. – Chris Shugart


PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

From Amazon

Weight range from 5-90 pounds per hand.

Have you ever purchased dumbbells for your home gym? Even cheap ones average out to about a dollar per pound. A 50-pound dumbbell? That'll be 50 bucks. Oh, and you probably want two, right? Now imagine the cost of buying a complete set. Also, I hope you have a very spacious garage or basement.

But PowerBlock solved that problem years ago with their clever adjustable dumbbells. With this particular set, you can go from 5 to 90 pounds in less than two seconds. And space won't be a problem. Your mini fridge full of Natural Light has a larger footprint.

The Elite set replaces 28 pairs of dumbbells or 2565 pounds of free weights for a fraction of the price. – Chris Shugart


Spider Chalk Refillable Chalk Sock Balls

From Amazon

Two-pack, 3 ounces each, pocked-sized pouch

The commercial gym I attend frowns on using chalk. I use chalk anyway. (Cue "Breakin' the Law" by Judas Priest.) I'm not an asshole about it though. I totally understand why they wouldn't want a fine mist of magnesium carbonate wafting through the air and dusting up all the surrounding equipment.

What I do is sneak in a chalk sock. This is a small permeable sack filled with lifting chalk. Just squeeze it a few times and you'll get the perfect amount of magic strength dust onto your sweaty palms. No waste, no mess, no crop-dusting everything (and everyone) around you.

These made by Spider Chalk are refillable and come with premium chalk that's extra tacky and long lasting. – Chris Shugart


Titan Fitness Slam Balls, 80 to 150 Pounds

From Amazon

14-inch diameter, hard rubber textured shell

Ever wanted to play around with Atlas stones and do platform lifts, shoulder carries, and bear-hug walks? Well, you're gonna need something besides that 10-pound medball your gym has to offer... or you're going to have to buy a mold and a whole lot of concrete mix.

Luckily, Titan Fitness makes some heavy-ass balls. While most medballs are designed for velocity/power work, these bad boys are made for strongman-type workouts and go up to 150 pounds. And forget about those "do not slam" warnings on most cheapo balls. These are built to take it. – Chris Shugart