Tip: The Cold Hard Truth About Nutrition

Need to lose some body fat? Here's some tough love you need to hear.

You Know What Not to Do

The barrier to fat loss for most has little to do with education. It's almost always about being an absurd asshole who doesn't like taking accountability for his or her actions.

People know what NOT to do. There's something emotional that prevents them from doing it.

It reminds me of something Mark Young said recently about clients of his who complain about his coaching style. Every now and then someone will chime in and say something like "nothing you have said is new to me, or something I couldn't have done myself without paying you."

"Well, were you doing it?" he'll ask.

It's such a money response. For some reason, people will hear the following:

  • Make your own lunches to bring to work.
  • Pre-package your own meals ahead of time in your fridge.
  • Limit access to trigger foods that can make you overeat.
  • Use smaller plates.
  • When in doubt, eat more protein.
  • Drink more water.
  • Eat your freaking vegetables, you child.

... and people who hear this will say stuff like, "That's so simple. I already know all that!"

Okay, so do it.