Proven, Affordable Workout Recovery

More Muscle, Less Soreness

T Nation has talked about it for years: To get the greatest gains from training, you need to consume the precise nutrients to fully fuel, reload, and rebuild muscle. This is best accomplished by giving due nutritional diligence to the time immediately prior to, during, and right after training – the peri-workout period.

Accordingly, Biotest invented various supplements designed to eke out every last bit of muscle power you possess and, at the same time, provide you with the nutrients you need to recover and come back bigger, stronger, and better. That was and is their bread and butter.

Early on – before we started building some of our more exotic and more expensive blends of peri-workout supplements – we invented Surge® Recovery, our "introductory model," in effect. It's Biotest's basic, no frills post-workout supplement that continues to help thousands of lifters recover and grow from their workouts.

It consists simply of quick-acting whey hydrolysate augmented by several grams of leucine, an easily digestible carbohydrate source, and some basic electrolytes. Why? Because sometimes you just need an economical and 100% reliable pick-up truck to do the job instead of a Tesla.

Surge® Recovery

Who is Surge® Recovery For?

In an ideal world, Biotest would have everyone drinking down Plazma™ or Surge® Workout Fuel and/or Mag-10® before, during, and after workouts. We'd be doing our part to create a big ol' planet of throbbing muscle, but we realize that it might be overkill for some people and, besides, not everyone has pockets that deep. Nor do we dismiss the existence of skepticism that some people might have to new ergogenic aids or formulations in general.

And those are the groups of people I'm talking to right now.

You probably fully accept the science of peri-workout nutrition and ingest protein and carbs before, after, and maybe even during a workout, but you'd just assume to do it by eating a whole-food meal an hour or two before working out, another whole-food meal or a protein drink after your workout, and perhaps, once in a while, munching on a protein bar during your workout.

You take care of your peri-workout needs inexpensively and without frills. I get you, but hear me out. Surge® Recovery is the ideal post-workout strategy for you. It was formulated with these three basic premises in mind:

  • Whey hydrolysate consists of proteins that are "pre-digested" and partially hydrolyzed so they can be more easily put to work building muscle.
  • Leucine is the key amino acid responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis.
  • Ingesting an insulinogenic carbohydrate post-workout bumps insulin concentrations into the optimal range for stimulating muscle growth.

That's it. Combine those three basic premises into a great-tasting post-workout product and you're assured of quicker recovery and successful muscle protein synthesis, and it does it far better than any whole-food meal. (Probably less expensive too.)

That's exactly what Biotest did in producing Surge® Recovery.

More Muscle, Less Soreness, Less Fat

Assuming you've eaten correctly prior, and in some cases, during your workout, your pump will still be with you as you drive home from the gym. This is when having something like Surge® Recovery post-workout is crucial.

Your muscle cells are still sensitive to insulin and the just-introduced leucine and other muscle-building amino acids are quickly shuttled off to greedy muscle cells. Thanks to this bolus of nutrients, you've given your muscles every advantage:

  1. The anabolic environment is now perfect for muscle growth and recovery.
  2. Protein synthesis is now at a sustained high, and protein breakdown is minimized.
  3. Catabolic hormones are low.
  4. Excess inflammation is tamed, facilitating quicker and more efficient recovery.
  5. Furnace-like fat oxidation ensues.
  6. Free radicals are minimized.
  7. ATP and creatine levels are fully reestablished.

By drinking Surge® Recovery, you'll have done everything to stack the muscle-building cards in your favor and you'll be rewarded with significant additional muscle growth and improved body composition. Furthermore, you probably won't be sore or fatigued the next day so that you can train just as hard again.

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How to Use Surge® Recovery

Mix yourself a Surge® Recovery drink right after you finish your workout. If the timing doesn't work out, try to at least drink one down within an hour or so of completing your workout.

Just pour two scoops of Surge® Recovery into 12 to 16 ounces of cold water. This stuff mixes really well and really easily, so you don't need a blender, shaker, or a freaking paint mixer, just a spoon or fork will do.