Tip: Grow Up! Stop Making This Diet Mistake

Change this common behavior and you might actually reach your body composition goals.

Stop Making This Diet Mistake

Stop Buying Trigger Foods

One time, I had a new client tell me about how peanut M&M's cause him to blow through his calories. They're just so good he couldn't stop thinking about them, he said.

He tried everything: saving them for the end of the week as a reward, eating a little bit between meals, limiting them to just a handful every other day. But no matter the strategy, he'd inevitably binge on them.

So why not simply stop buying them?

That was the one strategy that worked. But we live in a IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) era where we're told you must find a way to fit your favorite foods into your macronutrient and calorie allotment, or else your diet is broken and you have an eating disorder.

Nearly every nutritional influencer is so politically correct nowadays that they won't tell you to leave trigger foods out of your diet. But if certain foods undoubtedly cause you to overeat, then it's time to rebel. This is how you actually keep a deficit going and train your brain to not be enslaved to that craving.

Many people have a trigger food. It's not an eating disorder; it's called being human. And if you're thinking logically instead of emotionally, you shouldn't invite temptation into your life. You should exterminate it.