In the Beginning...

Testosterone: Chris, before we get started, the curiosity is killing me, how did you get the nickname SwoleCat?

T: Fair enough. Lets start with a little personal background. Where did you grow up, and what did your parents do for a living?

T: I've always thought that it's interesting to see how people's lives are shaped by their parents. Obviously the "teacher" within you comes from your mother, and your father's influence has helped you with your website development, among other things.

T: Well, we're five minutes into this interview and I can already tell by your mannerisms and enthusiasm that you have a competitive edge about you. Did you play sports growing up?

T: So when did bodybuilding enter the picture and do you remember the first time you set foot into a weight room?

T: Well, your physique indicates that you've spent a few hours in the gym. A lot of people don't know this, but from time to time you compete in amateur shows, right?

Is This Cat for Real or What...

T: Just so our readers know that you're not an "armchair expert," what are your personal stats?

T: You have built quite a reputation as a pre-contest prep expert and diet guru. Tell us exactly what it is that you do for a living.


Getting Down to Business...

T: Now I understand that even though you're primarily thought of as a contest-prep expert, you actually spend more time working with people from all walks of life, including recreational bodybuilders, businessmen, and even housewives.

T: So how did you get interested in dieting and macronutrient manipulation? Was it out of need from your competitive days or was it something else?


T: So where did you go for early dietary advice. Books? Muscle magazines? Other body builders?

T: Sort of like the student "teaching" the teacher?

T: All in all, how many years would you say you have under your belt perfecting what you do today?

T: Besides working with our own coach Thibaudeau, any other "names" you can mention without breaking any client-trainer confidentiality?

T: If you're not going to name names, then at least tell us what kind of results you're getting.

T: Ever get anyone super shredded, like 3% or less?

T: Swole, I think what everyone wants to know is "How the hell do I get ripped, and how fast can I get there?"

Lost Secrets and the Writing on the Wall...

T: Lots of guys complain that genetics hold them back, or they don't have time to diet, all of which I think is total bullshit. Is everyone capable of sporting a six pack regardless of genetics?

T: Obviously you can't give up all your secrets since you make your living through personal consultations on dietary manipulations, but how about talking about the top three dietary disasters you see day in and day out?

T: You said you despise carbs and fats mixed together. Are we describing a basic misunderstanding of insulin spikes where we selectively store fats, or is there something more we're missing here?

T: The second item you mentioned is not getting enough protein. Now I know you're not a big fan of counting calories, so do you advocate counting grams of protein?

T: So, do you want to tell us what this secret macronutrient formula is?

T: Now for your last pet peeve: the timing of carbs and limiting of fats. I assume you're referring to supplying your body with the correct kinds of carbs and fats.

T: With a slew of good advice out there on dieting, why do you think that there are not more guys sporting a six pack? Is it willpower, misinformation, laziness? What gives?

T: Any of our readers will tell you cutting can be a real bitch, but how about bulking? What are some keys here so you don't end up looking like the Michelin Man?

T: I think what I'm starting to hear from you is that timing is a factor often overlooked, whether you are bulking or cutting. It's not enough to just eat the right kinds of foods, is it?

T: So in general should we be planning meals around activities just completed, or should we eat for activities we're about to start.

T: How about mental preparation when it comes to dieting? Almost anyone can diet hard for about 4-5 weeks when something hits them that totally derails all their efforts. They go completely mental and the next thing you know they're at a Quickie Mart scarfing down slurpies, microwave burritos, and any other gooey piece of crap they can find. It's a complete gray-matter meltdown.

T: Some of our more astute readers probably know you from your days as a moderator on the Fina board. Currently you only work on programs centered around a drug-free approach. Why the change of heart?

Put up or Shut Up...

T: I've noticed that if someone is genuine and asks for advice you often go to length to provide it, but if someone is a smart-ass or know-it-all you don't hesitate to put them in their place.

T: Holy Crap, that's a mouthful, I'd ask if you're done, but I can see you're just getting warmed up.

Random Thoughts and Mental Musings . . .

T: I always like to end an interview with a lightening round. I'm going to throw a few topics at you and I want your completely honest and unrehearsed gut reaction. Are you ready?

T: Pro bodybuilders

T: The world's most worthless supplements.

T: "Before and After" contests.

T: A deserted island, a case of chocolate pudding, and Monica Bryant.

T: Swole, it's been a pleasure talking with you, thanks for your time. I wish you the utmost success with your new website and career.