Tip: To Get Lean, Destroy Your Setbacks

Lose that last 10 pounds of fat. Identify exactly what's holding you back and devise a strategy. Here's how.

From Relatively Lean to Exceptionally Lean

Chances are, if you're at the "I just need to lose 10 pounds" point, then you already do the basic, common-sense stuff:

  • You likely don't eat meals low in protein.
  • You don't add processed carbs on top of processed carbs to your plate.
  • You probably don't have any trouble skipping fried food or conventional (sugar-filled) desserts.

Most Americans treat junk food the same way we treat our protein (as a staple in every meal), so avoiding that type of behavior, along with regular weight training, will keep you relatively lean compared to the general public.

Now, if you want to go from relatively lean to exceptionally lean, then you have to solve the problems that are unique to you.

Know Your Setbacks, Then Defeat Them

Here are a few common setbacks:

  • Do you snack a lot after dinner? End your eating at the dinner table, then clean the kitchen, and get the heck out of there till you make coffee in the morning. If you're still hungry at night, either make dinner more substantial or eat slightly more during the day.
  • Do you become uninhibited around food when you drink alcohol or use marijuana? Abstain for a couple months and see what happens to your waistline.
  • Do you love peanut butter a little too much? Try defatted peanut powder and mix a few tablespoons of it with water to make a peanut paste. No, it's not as good as the real thing, but the substitute is worth the sacrifice, and you'll come to like it.
  • Do you struggle to stay away from your kids' food? Set boundaries. The more you practice keeping your hands off their snacks and dinner plates, the easier it'll become. Or maybe stop feeding the little assholes so much junk food. (I'd be the worst parent ever.)

The point is, you need to examine your weakest points during the day and then make a plan for how you're going to strengthen those points going forward. It's a lot like planning to get your workout in. If your plan is solid, nothing will throw it off, and eventually it'll become a habit.

One Last Thing to Remember

If you've got enough muscle underneath it, being 10 pounds up still looks damn good. If you don't have enough muscle, then being 10 pounds up just makes you look like an average person. So build or retain muscle, always.