Tip: This Can Stop Fat Loss

It's a common problem that can stall fat loss and wreck your health, even if your diet is in check.

Gut Dysfunction and Stalled Fat Loss

Gut issues are a major source of stress for the body, and digestive issues can stall efforts to lose body fat.

Think gut problems aren't a big deal? They're a huge deal. Proper digestion and the absorption of nutrients is essential for fat loss. The body is a complex chemical factory that can't function properly without the right nutrients available. So asking your body to perform when it's deficient is like expecting your car to run without oil. Luckily there are some basic ways to assess whether digestion is a problem.

Study Your Poop

The first consideration is the regularity and consistency of your bowel movements. These should be well formed with elimination at least once a day. Constipation and diarrhea are both red flags of digestive issues that need to be addressed.

If you experience bloating, excessive gas, or reflux, then it's likely you're having difficulty absorbing nutrients and may have bacterial imbalances or food intolerances. Taking antacids or other medications to alleviate these issues will make the problem worse. They're temporary fixes for deeper issues.

Bad Bugs

If your diet is low in processed foods and you suffer from these symptoms then testing for bacterial overgrowth, Candida, parasites, and other bugs may be necessary to identify exactly what's going on.

Food allergies and histamine reactions occur frequently when digestion and elimination pathways aren't performing well. Gluten and lactose sensitivity are common and may have genetic components. If you find yourself becoming itchy, getting hives, urticaria or suffering from other chronic skin conditions, that'll be another sign that you have bowel problems.

Yes, all these things indicate gut dysfunction. Lots of symptoms indicate problems: gas, bloating, even the excessive feeling of fullness. It's interesting how many people tell me they think those things are normal. So many fit, lean and otherwise healthy-appearing people have chronic gut issues.

It's not something to brush off. Testing and professional consulting from a specialist may be in order.