Tip: Make Ice Cream With One Ingredient

It's simple, it's healthy, and yeah, there's only a single ingredient. Here's how to make it.

It sounds like a brain teaser: How can you make ice cream with only one ingredient? Maybe freeze milk? Nope, doesn't work. How about, um, er.... Give up? The single ingredient is a banana. And once you taste it, you're going to kick yourself for not thinking of this before.


  1. Get some bananas that are getting a little spotty. Don't use green bananas.
  2. Place them in the freezer, peels and all, until they freeze solid or almost solid. The skins are going to darken or even turn black and look gross. Don't panic. The insides are perfectly fine.
  3. Allow to thaw just a bit and either slice lengthwise to remove the skin or slice them into bite-sized disks. Enjoy.

How to Increase the Deliciousness

You could stop there or you could add some ingredients. Here's a favorite:

Frozen Banana

Take two frozen bananas and given them a rough chop in the food processor or even a blender. Add one tablespoon of defatted peanut butter like PB2 or any natural nut butter, like almond butter. Add one scoop of chocolate or vanilla Metabolic Drive® Protein. Stir or blend lightly. Add a splash of almond milk if needed. Eat with a spoon.

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