Tip: Fix Your Diet. Stop Ignoring the Obvious.

Disregard the quick-fix advice that most women's magazines are pedaling these days. Zero in on the big habitual blunders.

Females will often look for an obscure missing component in their diet rather than zeroing in on the glaring behaviors causing the real problem. Many would rather find out what Dr. Oz's secret fat loss formula is than put a stop to obvious bad food choices.

Nah, can't be margarita night, sodas, or ice cream! Must be a deficiency in Amazonian koo-koo berry juice! It's easier for some to rationalize what they're eating because they'd rather believe there's some way around it that'll help them reach their goals.

Boozy weekends that make them uninhibited around unhealthy food; constant grazing on sweets between meals; liquid-dessert coffee drinks; and even too many semi-healthy snacks made of dried fruit and nut butter – these are all examples of blunders women overlook while searching for the secret to instant weight loss.

Most of the time women do have an idea of what their vices are, but without someone saying "stop that" they'll habitually keep the junk in their diets and just scale back on the portion sizes. For some reason, petite-sized servings of crappy food make women think they'll achieve a petite-sized body.


Women need to take an honest look at their eating. A food journal or tracking app can help them become more self-aware. They need to really take a look at what they're eating, when, why, and how certain foods really make them feel. They'll need to find out if they're snacking, almost unconsciously, throughout the day, grabbing the worst beverages, or eating their kids' leftovers automatically without considering what else they've already eaten.

Tracking their food can even help them find out what seemingly innocent snacks are actually trigger-foods that lead to increased overeating. It'll also show them that healthy foods can satiate better in the long run than junk. No koo-koo berry juice required.