Tip: Eat Enough Cholesterol

There's no correlation between cholesterol intake and bad cholesterol in your blood. In fact, you need it to maximize T levels. Here's why and where to get it.

The Cholesterol and Testosterone Link

Testosterone is derived from cholesterol. There's no other way for your body to produce it naturally. So if you're skimping on cholesterol you can be certain you're short-changing one of your body's most powerful muscle-building hormones: testosterone. It's time to dump the egg whites and chicken breasts.

But, But, Cholesterol is Bad!

What about the potential health ramifications of cholesterol-rich foods? The latest research is demonstrating that we may have been dead wrong with cholesterol. There appears to be very little correlation between cholesterol intake and bad cholesterol in your blood. This is especially true when carbs are minimized. Also, the research shows that people with higher cholesterol levels tend to live longer.

But don't misconstrue this: you should not purposely seek high serum cholesterol. On the same token, you shouldn't worry about it provided you: consume mostly organic foods, minimize starchy carbs, eat plenty of vegetables, take FlameoutĀ®, and exercise on a regular basis.

What you should be concerned about is your serum trigylceride levels. It's been demonstrated that high triglycerides are a big red flag for potential cardiovascular problems and disease. Minimize triglycerides by decreasing total carbs, by consuming omega-3s and green tea each day, and perform at least five hours of exercise each week with a mix of resistance training and energy systems work.

Eat More Eggs and Fewer Chickens

I often have lunch with Pavel Tsatsouline. I'll never forget the first time I did. I ordered chicken tacos. When I ordered he shot me a menacing glare and said, "Eating chicken makes you weak." Then he went on to tell me that whole eggs are good for two reasons. First, they're excellent for helping you build muscle and strength. Second, they keep chickens from being born. (Yes, Pavel has a way with words.)

He's right. Whole eggs, beef, shrimp, cheese, and other cholesterol-rich foods are essential to maximizing testosterone.