Shawn Wayland

Shawn Wayland studied exercise science and human performance in an academic setting. He is a nationally ranked cyclist, with hands-on experience in strength and endurance training. Shawn is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, located in Southern California. Follow Shawn Wayland on Facebook

Stuart McRobert

Stuart McRobert has been writing about bodybuilding since 1981. He's the author of BRAWN and BEYOND BRAWN, and the publisher of HARDGAINER 2.0 magazine. Follow on Facebook

Susy Natal

Susy Natal is a performance coach, wellness writer, and personal trainer. She uses an integrative approach to train females for strength and physique improvement. Follow Susy Natal on Instagram

Sverre Diesen

Sverre Diesen is a Norwegian National Bench Press Champion and record holder, winning a total of 16 medals from National Bench Press and Powerlifting Championships. Sverre is also an accomplished powerlifting coach for a variety of clients including elite-level and World Champion athletes.