Tip: What You Really Think Of Bodybuilding

We asked our readers what they thought about competitive bodybuilding. The answers were surprising.

The Poll

It may surprise you that competitive bodybuilding is a divisive topic among lifters. You'd think fans of a muscle-building site would be fans of the "sport" of muscle building, right? Not so much. Check out our Instagram poll results:

Fan Poll

Most who didn't like competitive bodybuilding said that the drug use had just gone too far and that the physiques had gotten bloated and ugly.

And really, if you think about it, lifting weights is sort of like riding a bicycle. You may love to ride your bike but that doesn't necessarily mean you can name a single professional bicycle rider, and it doesn't mean you enjoy watching other people race. The fun and the reward is in the doing, not the watching.

That said, an overwhelming majority still had a lot of respect for the "classic" look.

Classic Modern Poll

It's worth noting that the IFBB now has a Classic Physique division, so if you like the Arnold and Zane look, it may be with checking out.

In spite of not being "fans" of modern pro bodybuilders, 29% of T Nation readers said they've either competed or want to compete someday.

Compete Poll

The 71% who had no desire to compete cited the rampant steroid use, thought flexing in their underwear on stage was creepy, or just admitted they didn't have the body for it.

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