Tip: The One Fitness Test You Have to Pass

Take this quick test of heart health. You'll probably pass it. If not, you're in deep doo-doo.

Gather up four of your male friends. Statistically, one of you will die from a heart-related problem. Let's make sure it's one of the other bastards and test your heart health now.

Walk up 4 flights of stairs in under 45 seconds.

The Rules

  1. Start a timer and walk (don't run) up four flights of stairs. That's 60 steps.
  2. No stopping and resting.

Researchers at the European Society of Cardiology devised this as a quick test of overall heart health and to judge your likelihood of developing coronary artery disease. It was pretty accurate, even compared to those doctor-supervised stress tests and fancy heart imaging studies (1).

How to Evaluate Your Results

  • Anything under 45 seconds is good.
  • Around 60 seconds means you might have some work to do.
  • Anything over 90 seconds and, well, make a doctor's appointment.

Remember, this isn't a sprint to the top. Just walk and make sure you can sustain that pace.

  1. European Society of Cardiology. Test your heart health by climbing stairs. ScienceDaily. 11 December 2020.
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