Tip: Respect These 5 People in Your Gym

The gym is full of phone-obsessed, squat rack curling wankers. Thank goodness these five awesome types of people are there too. Check 'em out.

1. Elderly People

They're older than Moses and they're still lifting weights and kicking ass. These guys and gals rock. Pray that you get to be one of them someday.

2. The Quiet Beasts

These big guys are all business. They get in, work hard, and get out. They're always helpful when asked (but not during a set!) but will never bug others with unsolicited advice or general douchebaggery.

3. Women Who Kick Ass

While most men these days are sipping soy lattes and making a hobby out of being self-righteously offended by every little thing, women in their 30's seem to have become the new gym bad-asses. They often train harder and smarter than the guys in their 20s and have all the delicious muscle to prove it. "You train like a girl" has become a compliment these days.

4. Fat People

They've overcome their embarrassment of being in a gym with fitter people. They've decided to make a change. For that, they deserve all the support we can give them.

5. Injured and Disabled People

Amit Sling

Want some motivation? Check out the guy in the wheelchair getting shit done. Now take a look at the woman with her arm in a sling doubling up on lower body work.

Amit Sapir (above) had three surgeries while training to break the world squat record. He'd simply train as best he could while recovering, sometimes training just one side of his body at a time. Just a few weeks after his last surgery, he hit 722 pounds on the raw squat. What's your excuse?

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