Tip: Fake Natties Are Unethical Losers

Time to call out those punks who can't handle playing by the rules.

Winners Can Still Be Losers

Listen, don't take steroids and compete in a natural competition. I have nothing against steroids per se (well, except the legality thing) as long as it's done "within the rules" and while taking precautions to reduce health risks. And yes, they exist.

Those who compete in "natural" physique competitions while using steroids (or growth hormone, thyroid, clenbuterol, SARMs, and other banned substances) are unethical.

You Have an Option Besides Cheating

Men and women have the option to compete in non-tested competitions where pretty much everything goes. If you have to compete "enhanced" to hold your own against those competing naturally, then you're a loser. Period.

And don't give me the "yeah but lots of people use steroids in the Olympics and they're banned" excuse. True. But that's probably not much better. There is no Natural Olympics or Non-Tested Olympics. So everybody who wants to compete ought to compete at the same place.

In physique sports you have the choice! Want to use drugs? Fine! But go compete with those who also use drugs.

"But I only want to use a little, and those in the non-tested competitions are on everything but the kitchen sink!"

If this is your rationalization, then realize that there isn't a "natural competition," "just a little drugs competition" and "juiced to the gills competition." There are only tested and non-tested shows.

Pick the one you fit into. These are your only choices, unless you're an unethical loser.

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