Tip: Don't Be a Gym Marker

It's inconsiderate and everyone thinks you're a wanker. Here's why.

Are You a Gym "Marker?"

Markers are people who will occupy three or four pieces of equipment and mark their territory with a towel at one station, their gym bag and some straps at another, a sweaty shirt at another, and so on. They're doing some kind of circuit during prime time and want to reserve their spots with an assortment of odd clothing, grimy towels, and personal crap.

I can understand leaving a towel on a bench to save it because you have to run to the bathroom or fill up your water bottle, but marking half the gym with your shit and expecting everyone to respect the fact that you're taking up all this space – because you're 135 pounds, have more zits than muscle, and believe that circuit training is your salvation – is as rude and inconsiderate as it is nuts.

The gym does not belong to you. When I see some jerk-off doing that, and they're taking their sweet time making the rounds, I usually take all their shit, bring it to the front desk and ask that their stuff be put in the lost and found. Someone obviously forgot it, right? The look on their face when they scour the gym looking for their stuff is priceless.

John Romano is a longtime industry insider and performance-enhancement specialist. He authored several bodybuilding and fitness books and appeared on HBO, ESPN, ABC's 20/20, and numerous radio talk shows. He is also featured in the acclaimed documentary Bigger Stronger Faster. Romano resides in Guadalajara, Mexico where he owns and operates a Gold’s Gym.