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Tip: Two New Ways to Strengthen Your Core

Think the ol' ab wheel is tough? Try these more advanced variations.

Tip: The Juice That Boosts Athletic Performance

And it may even help you fight disease and live longer. Check it out.

Tip: The Protein Solution

Can you lose fat and build muscle at the same time? Yes, science says. And the key is protein. Check this out.

Tip: Master the Bridge, Feel Awesome

Sit all day? Have shoulder pain? The movement can help with both. Here's how to do it, step by step.

Tip: Boost Performance in 14 Days with this Vitamin

Take this for just two weeks and see your endurance escalate and cortisol levels plummet.

Tip: Make Your Pull-Ups Stricter and Tougher

If kipping your pull-ups is cheating, then this little trick is just the opposite. It'll make pull-ups even more challenging and keep your form tight.

Tip: Wall Slides for Pain-Free Pressing

Experiencing shoulder pain during overhead pressing? Use a foam roller and this simple warm-up to fix it.

Tip: Beware of Faux Pros

There are a lot of pros in the fitness field, but there are even more faux pros. Spot them and avoid them. Here's why.

The Best Core Exercise. Period.

This exercise makes you suck air, improves upper body strength, eases back pain, and builds a concrete core.

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  • Tip: Effective Training vs. Circus Acts

    Is your workout designed just to make you tired and keep you entertained, or is it designed to make you better? Here's the difference.

    Tip: A Good Diet Goes Goofy

    It started out as a fine idea, at least for very overweight people, then things got weird.

    The 4 Most Effective Supersets for Arms

    Here's how to use biceps and triceps finishers to add pounds to your big lifts. Oh yeah, you'll also build bigger arms.

    Tip: Do This First When Training Calves

    How you start your calf workout can make a big difference in the results you'll get. Always do this first.

    Tip: Rethink the Dynamic Effort Method

    Sounds like powerlifting heresy, but this popular method doesn't work for most average people. Here's why.

    Tip: Frontload Your Lunge for Better Quads

    These two exercises will help you build your puny quads, clean up your form, and even strengthen your core.

    Tip: Your PR Isn't That Important

    Are you strong enough?

    IIFYM: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

    Is this a good nutrition strategy or the latest eating disorder disguised as a diet? Here's what they aren't telling you.

    Tip: 3 Rep Ranges for Bigger Biceps

    If you always do 3 sets of 10 for biceps, you're missing out on some serious arm growth. Here's a better plan.

    Tip: Build Quads Without Knee Pain

    Got knee pain or recovering from an injury? You don't have to watch your quads or your leg strength dwindle away. Try these 3 moves.

    Tip: How to Make Trashcan Chili

    Follow these simple steps and make a muscle-building meal that tastes so good you'll forget it's good for you.

    Tip: Isolation Exercises vs. Big Lifts

    What's best for muscle growth? Here are some insights.

    Tip: The Two Fats That Boost Testosterone

    The more you ingest of either of these two fats, the more T your body produces.

    Tip: Heavy Negatives & High-Rep Finishers

    Combine these two methods for fast muscle growth. Here's how.

    The One Supplement You Can't Live Without

    Some supplements are okay. Some are very good. And there are a few you just don't want to live without. We asked our pros and experts about their favorites.

    Tip: The Sweeping Deadlift for Strong Lats

    This little-known exercise will not only build your lats, it'll make you a better deadlifter and Olympic lifter. Here's how to do it.