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Tip: Cardio, Carbs and the Goldilocks Zone

Your body wants to be in either an anabolic or catabolic state. Here's how to balance cardio, diet, and lifting for better body composition.

Tip: When You See Food This Color, Eat It

These foods have the potential to build more muscle, burn more fat, and maybe cure a lot of things that ail you.

4 Reasons Red Meat is Overrated

Since the dawn of strength training, lifters have opted for red meat, believing it conveyed strength and endurance. Here's why you might want to rethink things.

Tip: Strengthen Your Deep Core Muscles

A weak core makes you weak all over, and ab crunches aren't enough. Try this exercise.

Tip: Eat Less, Exercise More? Not Always.

Sure, it works temporarily for sedentary people, but then it stops working and leads to fat regain. Here's why.

4 Great Ab Exercises Nobody Does Right

These popular core exercises are highly effective... if you do them right. Not many people do. Check your form here.

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  • Tip: Front Squat Without Wrist Pain

    These two drills will improve your mobility so you can lift more weight comfortably and finally build some decent quads.

    Tip: The Law of Metabolic Efficiency

    When it comes to macronutrients, not all calories are created equal. Here's why.

    How Not to Lose Your Gains

    We all have to take time off at some point. So how much size and strength will it cost you? Here's what science says.

    Tip: Don't Fall Prey To This Medical Mistake

    It's highly likely that lifters will mistakenly be diagnosed with high blood pressure. Here's why.

    Tip: The Law of Metabolic Individuality

    You are metabolically unique. Here's why that's important when it comes to diet and fat loss strategies.

    The Kardashian Butt Must Die

    Admiration of that famous big butt is ruining women's backsides. Here's why.

    Tip: Willpower is Skillpower

    Here's what every lifter, dieter, and athlete needs to know about the Law of Psychic Entropy.

    Tip: Saying This Will Make You Stronger

    Science says that saying one word during an exercise will make you stronger and more powerful. Check it out.

    Tip: Find YOUR Perfect Squat, Not Someone Else's

    Here's an easy way to discover your perfect squat position.

    Tip: How to Build Period Strength

    Here's how women can use their menstrual cycles to boost muscle mass and get stronger.

    Tip: Touch 'n Go Deadlifts, EMOM

    This deadlift variation is often mistaken for cheating. It's not. Here's why, plus a great workout to try.

    Tip: Fry These Foods For Better Health

    Who'd have guessed that frying makes these foods healthier? Check out the science here.

    What You Can Learn From Instagram Booty Chicks

    Glutes are all the rage on social media. But do the exercises we see actually work, or are they just part of the spectacle? Here's a breakdown.

    Tip: Fitness Gone Too Far

    When does lifting, dieting, and competition go from healthy to detrimental? Well, here are a few signs.

    Tip: The 15 Second Core Workout

    If you can do this exercise for 15 seconds per set, you're pretty awesome. Check it out.

    Hunger: The Definitive Guide

    Controlling hunger is the single most important aspect of creating a diet that works for you. Here's the science-backed way to do it.

    Tip: Joe Weider Killed My Gains

    The Father of Bodybuilding, as he called himself, did a lot of great things for weightlifting, but he also lead a lot of people astray.

    Tip: Are You Dedicated or Disturbed?

    Training hard is awesome. Controlling your diet to get the body you want is awesome. But things can get out of hand fast. Here's how.

    Painful Advice Every Lifter Needs to Hear

    Listen up. The training and diet advice in this article will be tough to hear. It might even make you mad. But it will definitely make you better.